Friday, December 5, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 (Part Two)

So when we woke up from our food coma, we went back to my mom's house to pick up my grandma and driver her home since we were going to my cousin's house in Santa Barbara anyway. Everyone was waiting on us, so as soon as we got there, we said our hellos and stood in a circle and went around and said everything we were thankful for. It was so special, I wish I would have recorded or taken pictures of that special moment. Soon after, we all lined up and served our plates and sat in the beautifully decorated table outside. Note to self, ask my cousin for good decorating tips, she did such an amazing job!

silly family photo!

I had to share this hilarious picture of my dad's face! How could I not?! hahaha sorry pa.
After dinner, we sat in the living room and just hung out and enjoyed one another, joking and laughing and catching up.
And than, the fun dance party begun! lol , my nephews brought out a fun light and we put on dance music to watch Noah dance and jump around!

It was a fun and tiring day, but so happy to be surrounded by so much family! It was a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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