Saturday, January 3, 2015

Christmas 2014 Part One

 Christmas has come and gone so fast! It seems like this year it went by super fast! =( We enjoyed it to the fullest none the less!
As happy as I've been and as much fun as I've had, I can't help but think about how we would be getting ready to deliver our twin babies any second now. I'm blessed to have gotten another chance with getting pregnant now, and everything is going so well, but I will always think of those sweet babies that would have been 37 weeks in utero now. They'll always be my babies, I just haven't gotten to meet them yet.

Christmas was celebrated all month long for us! Baking was a weekly almost daily event, having our friends over to bake, eat and watch Christmas movies, going to parades and crafting!

Christmas Eve was such a fun and busy day, my favorite!We met up with our friends and went to our church's Christmas Eve service to celebrate the true reason of Christmas, the birth our our Savior. What better way to celebrate than to Worship and be together as a church family?! I loved it!
They even had a mini train going around the church building for the little kids!

Played hard at church!
After church, we rushed home, got our stuff ready to go to David's aunt's Christmas Eve Party, and after that we would head straight to my mom's house for the night.

For the party, they had a white elephant gift exchange, I decided to make something, so I made a chalkboard sign you could hang pictures on. I liked how it turned out!
We got a giftcard for Starbucks, which we may or may not have already used up =)

Noah at the party
I wish I would have taken more pictures! Especially of Noah and his cousin Mason, they were so well dressed and playing together!

After the Party, we headed to my moms. My grandma was there, along with my mom and stepdad. It was a fairly quiet night but a lot of fun! We ate tamales, drank coffee and grandma made Bunelos, a Mexican desert, it's basically a fried flour tortilla that is dipped in a cinnamon, sugar and water broth. Very yummy and super filling! Our tradition is to stay up until midnight talking and being together and than open our gifts at midnight, but we were all pretty exhausted by eleven, so we settled with opening the presents than!

Christmas eve kiss 

Mr. Noah got a Cars potty that goes "Vroom" when you flush, along with Cars chonies! Apparently underwear go on your head. He also got a truck and candy.

Sadly my grandma and mom weren't really up for a family picture so I don't have one this year =( Butt here's one of our little family! =) Fun Night! Couldn't wait for Christmas day ! 

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