Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Say what?! I have a two year old?!

They weren't kidding when they'd tell my that time flies when you have a kid. Tomorrow is Noah's 2nd birthday! He'll be 2! He's a toddler, a little man in the making and I just cannot believe it! Its almost like a happy sad kind of feeling you get as a mother when one of your children's birthday comes around. I don't want him to grow up but I want to see him grow. Make sense?
I remember his birth like it was yesterday, it feels like it WAS yesterday! Although he has more energy than the double A bunny, and even though he throws little tantrums now when we tell him NO, we are still head over heels with him. He brings us so much joy! From morning , waking us up with kisses on the cheeks, to dawn, falling asleep with his arm around one of us, we love him so!

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