Thursday, January 15, 2015

Halfway There, Gender and Name!

Surprise! Baby Numero Dos is a BOY! Who would've thunk it?! All of my symptoms pointed to girl because they were so different than when I was expecting with Noah! We are so over joyed to know that our little Noah will have a little brother to play with and teach him new things!

We found out early in December, when Noah and I got a bad case of the stomach flu. I was 14 weeks along, and very dehydrated and had lost about 5 pounds while being sick. So the doctor ordered an ultrasound and that's when we found out, but I decided to wait to announce it on here just to be sure.

At 18 weeks, I had my anatomy ultrasound scan and for sure baby boy was still a boy. =) I am now 20 weeks and 3 days and so excited to get this show on the road with decorating and preparing for baby!

20 Weeks 3 Days Baby #2

Name: Levi Benjamin McDaniels

Due: May 2015

Symptoms: oh boy! Where to begin?! Mr. Levi, we need to have a long talk when you get here about how much you've made mama suffer! ;) just kidding.
Morning sickness from dusk till dawn all through the first trimester and even some of the second. I catch the flu or cold from Noah like nothing! Extreme exhaustion all through the first trimester and I just now am feeling great and like myself!

Weight Gain: Surprisingly none yet. My belly has now gotten bigger and I'm def showing, but no weight gain yet. I did start a little heavier than before I was pregnant with Noah, but I went back  to my prepregnancy weight during. weird...

Cravings: Donuts, Fruit, salads, and pasta. I like chicken again so I've been making plenty of chicken dishes. Still can't handle the look or smell of red meats or beef.
Things that gross me out: Smells of meat cooking, smell of peanut butter sometimes and the trash smell (when taking it out)

Stretch Marks: No new ones. The ones I had with Noah are now fading since my belly is stretching them out again, so it looks like I have none.

His cute little feet! 

Levi gives a Thumbs up, all is good! 
We are thrilled to have another crazy nugget to add to our family! I'm still a bit nervous about it all since miscarrying this past year, but I've been trusting in God and clearly I have nothing to worry about. Baby is safe and sound and wiggling all around! Speaking of, we can now see and feel him move! It's so fun! I forgot how amazing it is to see it all happen!

Noah is adjusting and kind of understands that I have a baby in my belly. But he thinks he does too and so does daddy, so when he kisses my belly, he kisses daddy's belly too and says baby... ha! He's starting to calm down with how rough he is around my belly, at first he would bounce on it when I'd lay down, he'd kick it or even walk over it, but he knows better now and is more careful. Noah has been acting like quite the baby himself and I blame it on him knowing my body is going through changes. He is very sensitive to my feelings.

My other boy, David, has been so sweet to me and really watching out for me. He's been working so hard and comes home and cooks when I don't feel good. He constantly asks how I feel and if everything is okay. He makes me feel good. =) This time around he's not so pregnant. He has a sweet craving but that's about it.

I'm so excited to have Levi join the clan. I love my boys so much! Life is going to get so much more fun! 

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