Monday, January 12, 2015

Noah Turns 2! The Party

My Baby boy is now a happy thriving two year old! It's so hard to believe that two years have passed already since we had him! We are so blessed to have him in our lives, he is our everything and we love him to pieces!

So, since I'm so behind on blogging, I'm starting with Noah's actual birthday party, which we celebrated on January 4th at the funnest place ever, Pump it Up! This year we really didn't plan on doing anything big for his birthday, we decided that parties don't have to be an every year thing, they when he's older, if he asks us for one than okay, sure we'll plan a party, but for now, we can celebrate in different ways too. Well, that plan didn't last long haha . My in laws were so thrilled when Noah's cousin Mason had his party at Pump it Up that they wanted Noah to have a super fun birthday there too! They blessed us by getting the venue, food and photos provided by the place! It was such a treat and so so so much fun! Thank you Britt and Holly for such a fun sweet birthday for our little guy!

my  parents, Britt and Holly
So I'll share all the photos from pump it up, some were taken by the staff members with their cameras and some I took.

Before the Party: 

Party Time!

Poor baby! He didn't enjoy that wind tunnel like he thought he would! =(
Let them eat cake!

Since the venue is already in charge of the room where we eat, it's hard to deck it out in a theme but this year I went with Cars, the movie because he's been obssessively watching the movie over and over again this month. I also decided to make Cupcakes for a cake because if you remember last year's birthday, he gagged when he dipped into his smash cake! hahaha


Noah with his bestie. She insisted on helping him open the presents, he didn't mind. =)

We had such a good time there! And it definitely wasn't just the kids enjoying themselves! Big thanks again to our parents for helping us throw such a great party and for being there! And thank you to all our family that came to celebrate with us on such a great occasion!

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