Monday, February 2, 2015

Goodwill Finds!

Last week David and I went to a couple of Goodwill stores with the intention of finding a dresser for Noah and Levi's room, of course we found everything else but that! I'm not complaining, I found some good stuff for myself and David got some stuff for the home that we needed. I thought I'd share with my amazing sweet finds that I got for a whopping $26.00! Score! You'll see what I mean.

Target Brand Merona purse; Belkin iphone cover, Carter fox pajamas for Noah, Lucky Brand striped sweater,  Banana Republic jeans, and a cute blue laced Foreign Exchange blouse. 

I Adore my new purse! It reminds me of a Lucky Brand purse / Fossil purse I've been wanting. 

How cute and girly is this shirt?! 

I couldn't wait to wear my "new" clothes! I washed them immediately and have been #OOTD ing them. ;) 

I think the only time I have store bought clothes is when my parents spoil me on birthdays, Christmas or just because, other than that, I feel too guilty buying brand new department store clothes when I know I can find just as good stuff at the Goodwill. And I love the thrill I get when I spend an hour in a store and I find a super cute top or bottoms that fit me just right. I love it! 

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