Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sea Lions are Fat

Last weekend we went to San Luis Obispo to visit my dad and family, we hadn't been down in such a long time! We left Friday evening and stayed until Sunday evening. It was a nice little getaway and we got to hang out with my dad, stepmom , sister and brother! We also went just in time to see the Sea Lions in Cambria which travel from Alaska to Mexico and always stop at the same beach every year to have their pups, and than leave in February. It was so much fun watching those huge animals move and flop around! The loud noises they make are hilarious! They sound like screaming children and pigs hahaha. Surprisingly Noah wasn't so interested in them. We went mainly to show him and he really didn't care, he just wanted to run around and pick flowers.

daddy's girl ;)

my dad took this sweet picture of David and I, I love it!
Last time David and I went to the beach to see the sea lions, it was well before we had Noah, I actually blogged about it Here .  Sadly, this time I forgot my camera at my dad's house and didn't notice until we got there, so the pictures aren't amazing but still fun.

After there we drove to the beginning of Big Sur, to stop at this beautiful little place at the top of the hill with an amazing ocean view!

Of course the boys found trees to climb!

Loved this view!
From there we drove back to Cambria for lunch/dinner at Main St. Grill and bar, so delish! I got the Garden burger and fries, their fries are so good! Mr. Noah could have probably finished a whole basket of fries on his own if we would have let him! hahaha

On Sunday, we enjoyed homemade breakfast from my dad and relaxed until my dad and stepmom went to church and us kids stayed home. Jamie and I got ready and headed downtown for some girl time. We went to Bed Bath and Beyond, she got a Chi ( got her hooked on it ;)) and than went to TJ MAXX where we scored on some amazing Butter London lippies!

Can you say Amazing?! These things go for about $20 each and we got them for $3.50 each! Top one is my sisters and I got the red tinted one and nude. I love them! I also got a perfume set I had been wanting, Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson, it smells so so so good! I got that for $13!

Than we went to Bath and Body Works to use the coupons I had for a free travel size lotion! Gotta love the free item coupons!

We than had the boys meet up with us at Woodstock's pizza (my fave!) and enjoyed lunch together.
Eye Spy a little brat behind our booth!

and gone in 60 seconds! lol

We headed back to my dad's and Noah had fallen asleep in the car so we packed up the car with our belongings, said our goodbye's and back on the road we went to head home. A couple fun pictures of Noah with Uncle Eliud bonding and being boys on his bike. 

I love the drive to and back from my dads. We left during the sunset and it was gorgeous! David and I enjoyed some "alone time" while Noah slept the whole way home! We stopped at a vista point to look up at the stars, man was that gorgeous and so fun to enjoy with my husband. My dad used to always stop there with me when it was his weekend to have us and I loved it because it was so dark and away from the city that you could see more than one shooting star in just minutes! We always have such a good time at my dad's, so blessed we got to see them!

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