Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fall Fun! (Catch up!)

It's fall! The air is crisp, the leaves are falling and the colors are changing! Kids are laughing, playing and it smells like pumpkin spice everywhere you go. This is my favorite. I absolutely love fall, mainly because it means we're closer to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and  Noah's birthday. I love how busy these couple of months are.

Speaking of busy, We sure have been "living it up" here with being busy! No, not really but life feels a lot busier with two babies! These past couple of weeks have been full of birthdays, pumpkin patches, and friend/family gatherings. It's been nice being with loved ones. So here are some pictures. I'll try not to write too much, I don't want this post to be dull.

Our good friends invited us to celebrate their son's first birthday. It was intimate and really special. I'm glad we could be there to enjoy the day with their family.

Evenings spent with more good friends walking on the pier and letting the kids play at the beach park. Not to mention, they also treated us to lunch at this cute little diner!

Evening strolls with the boys. Love it when he falls asleep on me =)

Pumpkin Patches

This past Friday Noah almost had his first sleep over at his cousin's house. We've been hesitant for a while because we know how difficult he can be during the night. But we figured kids act like angels when they're not being watched by their parents , so we let him go. Nope. We picked him up 9pm because he didn't want to sleep and he was crying. =( poor guy, he's still a baby. But he did have a lot of fun playing and doing crafts and bath time. I'm glad he had a great cousin day! Amber, thanks a mil, you are the sweetest!

Saturday, we woke up early, picked up David's brother and headed to their dad's house for his birthday. It was fun and I got to spend time with my first son, Cosby!

After the party, Amber invited us to a kid's activity for Halloween, and although we don't do anything for the day of, we thought this would be fun for our little guy. Unfortunately we didn't make it in time for the haunted trail with our sister, so sorry, but we did still enjoy some activities. Noah dressed like Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, but he did not like the sash on his head. hahaha he looks so cute!

October 2015 2 years and 9 months old.

Happy without the sash

Mason his cousin, was shaggy from scooby doo! His family dressed like the characters too! How fun!

Sunday, we enjoyed the day to relax. That evening we were invited by David's brother to come to his house to meet and see Bradley Hathaway preform! We've been listening to this guy's songs since we were teens! And he gave us a shout out and sang to us! I'm not going to lie, I might have shed a tear or two or 50! heehee. 

Teaching our Noah to play! Thanks Bradley! 
It was really a good past two weeks! We may not have a whole lot but we sure do have a lot of loving family and friends. I'm beginning to realize what God wants me to see is how blessed we truly are. And by that I don't mean financially, materialistically or any of that, but how blessed with love and support we are. We are spiritually Rich and that makes us happy and complete. =) 

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