Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Visiting (So Many Pictures!)

Last weekend was so much fun visiting my dad and my stepmom. We Love being up there, where the grass is greener and the ocean is so fresh and clean! We left Friday evening and it took us 4 hours to get there with these two nuggets that cannot be still in the car for more than an hour! =(
It's definitely difficult at times trying to visit family far away but so worth it!
So we were up there for Halloween weekend, We don't take the kids tick or treating or dress them up the day of but we sure do still enjoy ourselves!

On Saturday we went for a drive to Cambria and Cayucos just to be tourists and enjoy what the towns had to offer. I love this drive and will NEVER get sick or bored of it! My dad and his wife drove in their car since we don't all fit together in one and he called me to tell me to let him know if I wanted to stop and take pictures of anything. I Love that my dad gets me. =)

We walked into the coolest store ever which had a bunch of other little stores connected to it and I told David I wanted to move in there! It was so cool!

being all purposely intrigued lol

My Dad and silly Noah

My Favorite store in the whole world!
 There were decorated scarecrows all through out Cambria. It was so fun to see all the different creative ones! We really enjoyed it!

From My snap chat This was breakfast that morning.

There was an old well at a historical house

And than we hit the road again to stop at Cayucos Beach. I used to drive there with baby Noah all the time when he was teenie. It's my favorite place to be to explore and take pictures.

I would swing Noah on this swing. Feels like just yesterday! And now I'm here with my second baby!

And the end of Saturday. We had so much fun!
Sunday we ate breakfast at home, and went out to lunch and than headed home. On the way home we found an abandoned pumpkin patch and I asked David to stop so we could take some neat pictures. Noah was asleep in the car so we did these quickly and than went home.

Love his expression on here! Super blurry but a keeper!

"Can I eat this mom?"

Sweet Photo  

It was such a great visit! It always is! We love being there and so do the kids! =) By the way, this post took me several days to upload because someone here is mr. terrible two's at his finest... David just did me a solid and took him to the park so mama could get some quiet time while baby sleeps! Things I complain about right now, I'm sure I'll miss five years from now. 

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