Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Last Weekend According to My iPhone

These past few weeks have been so much fun but so tough at the same time! My back decided to spasm a couple of weeks ago and has been hurting ever since. I went to the ER 3x to get injected with pain killers, took pain killers and it was doing better for about four days until yesterday. I don't know if it's just from dealing with the boys and carrying Levi everywhere but um... what am I supposed to do when I'm their caregiver all day? So yesterday when David came home I was barely able to move, so we went to our urgent care and they did the same, prescribed anti-inflamatory pills with a little bit of pain relief in them. I also can't overdue it because I breastfeed. wah wah my life.

Onto the good fun part of the post.

Thursday Noah and Levi had a play date with Emma and Gabriel. My friend and I met up at the park and you would think that it would be a perfectly fun easy day to enjoy talking to my friend.... Nope. All of our kids were being difficult. Screaming, playing too rough and everything. My back had started to feel better but dealing with having to carry fussy Levi only made it hurt again. Marilyn saw my frustration and was super sweet to treat me to Lazy Dog Cafe for lunch! It was so yummy! We talked but if it wasn't one kid that was crying it was another. Tough day but spent with good company!

Friday was another tough day. (there's been a lot of those lately) I was feeling fed up and lonely so I got ready and took the kids with me to meet up with David for lunch at the park. It was nice to talk it out with him.

After that we walked around Goodwill and Babies R Us.

Friday night's dinner: Stuffed bell peppers: ground turkey with rice, corn, black beans and cilantro.

Saturday we went to the Christmas Parade! It was eh, this year, not too much to see but still fun! We left early to go to a Toy Drive, we were blessed by someone signing us up to get free toys for our boys from a local church! We had never done that and oh my gosh it was so nice and fun! They had treats, drinks and music and child care! We got to choose what we wanted to get and everything. Our boys don't need anything, we have been struggling this year since David was let go from SoCal Gas Company but we keep being blessed and it's amazing to feel that God has our back even if it's just to be able to have fun! So thank you.

Later that night, we stayed in and drank hot chocolate and watched a Christmas movie.

Got these Cute little snowman mugs for free at a yard sale! I love them!

Sunday, I actually did my makeup good and hair. It was a special Christmas Service and I was excited! They had cute kids singing and even the Grinch was there!

Afterwards, we came home, ate and than went to my Mother in law's house for a bit. After being there we went to my Mom's church for their fun service. They had a Christmas service where people sad on blankets and lawn chairs in the sanctuary! It was fun for the kids. Oh and they had cookies after!

 With my mom. Big eyes run in the family. Love how levi's posing!

She took this of him and I love it! Tag me mom! lol

It was a great weekend! =D 9 Days until Christmas!

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