Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas Day 2015 and Visiting Dad

Christmas morning, we woke up early and put the presents we had for the boys under the tree. We mainly had a bunch of books for them but they did get a couple neat little toys.

It's kind of scary and cool how Levi knows how to open a present! Like who taught him that?! Crazy kid! David also assembled their kitchen that morning. After all of that, we went on a mini road trip to my dad's house.

That drive is always so beautiful! And with those big poofy clouds in the sky, it made it that much prettier!

Noah exploring Grandpa's backyard
I was in shock when we pulled up to my dad's  house... I wasn't expecting to see anything Christmas related because I know that my dad hasn't done the traditional tree, or lights or ANYTHING Christmas the past few years. But when we pulled up I was shocked to see that he had put up lights along the roof of the hosue, He decorated the little tree outside and inside on the window, he set up a cute little village! It was so fun and exciting! Thanks dad! It def made my day!

Another amazing treat they had for us, was cooking a turkey for dinner! Oh my gosh it was so yummy! My stepmom and dad are amazing chef's, hopefully someday I will be as good of a cook! ;)

Levi enjoying time with Grandpa
After eating, we all sat in the living room, talked exchanged a gifts and than watched the movie San Andreas. My Dad had surprised me earlier that week with a big gift in the mail, a sewing machine! I love my Singer! I've already put it to good use with a couple of projects!

My brother's dog Milo. 

We were trying to get Milo to like us ha, I think it worked ;)

Jamie is such a cutie! My sister went all out for us! She spoiled us with gifts for our kids and even for us! Thank you Jamie! You're such a great aunt!

 The next morning, we got up early, the boys had a hard time sleeping, and Milo was all ready to go! He was waiting for us to play with him! So I took some pics of him lol
He loved it.... hahaha

Mr. Smiles!

After hanging around that morning, we finally got ready, out of our jammies ( it was 27 degrees! burr) and headed to downtown SLO.  Jamie and I had to take a picture of us together, we asked David, and apparently he took 4 selfies all like the one below! hahaha silly

 We noticed smoke from the freeway, somewhere in San Luis, so we chased it and found a building on fire. I guess it was some fabric shop, scary! Hope everyone was okay.

 We walked around downtown, through the mission. I had never been over there!

 After riding a carousel, walking around a toy store (because he didn't get enough toys during Christmas) -sarcasm, we went to eat lunch at Woodstock's pizza. We love it there!
As you can see, little mister, was a grump, and 3 min into eating, he fell asleep while eating!

When he woke up , him and his tia went to the arcade and played. 
When we headed back to my dad's I didn't feel too good. I had a horrible headache and nothing would make it go away. So I fell asleep for a couple of hours with Levi, and felt better. When I woke up we watched the movie Focus, loved it! 

On Sunday, us girls went to a local goodwill to look for a couple of party supplies for Noah's birthday party. I found exactly what I was looking for and all for super cheap! Score!
I still had a bad headache and it would not go away, so we decided to head on home. 
We had such an amazing time ! This Christmas was so fun, I love that we got to see all of our famiy! 

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