Thursday, January 21, 2016

New Years Eve

New Years Eve was a busy fun filled day for our little family! This was the first year I believe, as a married couple that we did anything for the night. The first two years of marriage, David worked 24 hour shifts as an EMT and he was always at work for New Years and I'd just be home alone trying to sleep away the sadness of ringing in the year alone.. wah wah hahaha

Than with babies, we haven't gotten around to ever planning anything fun. So this year we planned with our good friends who have kids the same age as ours and we went over to their place to ring in the new year.

Earlier that day I scheduled an appointment for a haircut at the beauty school in our county. My Friend Marilyn had actually suggested I go there for a good cheap haircut! It took a couple hours but I really appreciated it because the hair dresser was super careful and asking the teachers for help when she needed it. It came out great! For $6 , it was more than a good haircut!

Afterwards, I had a Ross gift card, and I went to grab something to wear for the night.

Surprisingly, my jean size has gone down a lot , but I am still very top heavy, thanks to breast feeding =/.  I went with the last choice. Most comfy and me.
So I wore that plaid shirt dress, stockings and boots.
 This is my friend Marilyn. She's a lot of fun, super nice and like me she's Mexican and Central American.
 We had a blast! We rang in the new year twice, once with New York and again our time. We ate a yummy pasta, played Heads Up and drank wine and Champagne to cheer!
 The boys weren't full after dinner, so we actually ordered in a pizza on top of this! #tistheseason right?!

 Horrible family pic but it'll do. Levi was asleep.
She was being so fun and silly! Love our friends. So sad they'll be moving soon.

It was a blast!  They are such great hosts, always feeding us amazing meals! Thank you for having us over!

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