Monday, October 3, 2016

San Fransisco 2016

In August, we took a mini trip to San Fransisco just for two days. We drove up to my dad's, stayed the night and than drove the 4 1/2 hours north to get there. We had such a good time! And surprisingly the kids did great in the car and while we were out and about! =)
The first night there, we stayed in the city, in a tiny little room with two queen beds (no bathroom in the room, it was shared) but we did get a nice view of the city street. I think that was pretty exciting for the kids to see the big crowds of people crossing the streets, honking cars and lively city right below us! Me and David enjoyed people watching too! ;)

Oh, on the way there, we stopped at a gas station and I dropped my phone twice, without a case, luckily the screen didn't crack but, my camera on it now will not focus! =(  so I have to either use selfie mode or strictly use my nikon for pictures, or ask David to take pictures for me. 1st world problems, I know.

Going through Robin Williams tunnel!

We really explored the Golden Gate bridge from the opposite side of SF. We hiked down to the beach and saw it from the bottom! It was pretty neat. 

We had planned to take the 1 hour ferry tour of the Bay, but it was so cold and windy and Levi was starting to come down with a cold, so we didn't want to risk him getting more sick. Instead we took the kids to a children's museum and that was a blast!

 We kept this trip pretty cheap, but did have a treat dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. We had never been there and it was amazing! The food honestly was eh, but the experience was pretty cool! The stuffed animals throughout the restaurant move and make noise, and the cafe goes from night to day and there's thunder and lightening storms! So fun and entertaining!

 I was excited to go to Muir Woods, but when we got there, there was absolutely no parking, It was so packed with people. But from what we saw on the way there, it was just as beautiful and as I imagined it would be.
The second night we stayed outside of the city in Mill Valley, and it was nice! We really liked this hotel. It was so comfortable, quiet and there was a bathroom in our room lol!

Now I'll share some pictures from on our way there and on our way back home.

We stopeed to sight see at Pigeon's Point. It is so cool! You won't see Noah in these pics because he was hiding and pooping the entire time...  

Like I said, we usually travel cheap and love exploring rather than paying for adventures when we travel. We don't usually buy souvenirs, we capture memories. This was a great trip we really enjoyed as a family of four. Sorry for the super long and photo dump post, thanks for checking out my blog. =)

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