Monday, November 7, 2016

Chivas Skin Care Farm

Over the weekend, I volunteered to photograph the Chivas Skin Care Farm Day event which was held on Saturday in Fillmore,CA. The event was to invite people to the farm to get a tour of the Farm itself and a sneak peak at how they make their Natural skincare products made of goat milk. The Farm is run by Mother/ Daughter duo Donna and Lauren. They own their own goats and a few other farm animals and use the goat milk to make their products. They have a small lab on the farm where they combine the fresh goat milk to natural products to make amazing smelling soaps and creams. 

I was astonished when I learned about all the hard work that goes into making just one type of soap! I definitely appreciate a good product that is made with love and a product that is beneficial to your body and health. 

By volunteering to photograph the event, I was gifted $25 credit to their store and used it to test their soaps and gift a few to friends and family. 
I love the scents they offer and how soft and creamy it leaves my skin feeling. If you are on the hunt for new and natural products, you definitely want to check out

This is Donna explaining the process of making their products.

Stacey, creator of Simply All You Need tapenade. So delicious! Go check her stuff out!

This really was a neat treat to be a part of. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Chivas Skincare farm. If you are local, make sure to check their online calendar to sign up for their next event! 

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