Monday, May 22, 2017

So much to blog

I have so many blog posts in mind that I keep wanting to do but can't seem to catch up. I guess it comes with being a mom of little ones, you want to do so much but can't quite do it all . It's been pretty busy around here, went to Disneyland, that Sunday was Mother's day and Benjamin's dedication at church ( waiting to receive pictures to post about that).

This past weekend we had my husband's Dad and Wife visit us and that was a lot of fun! Next weekend Levi turns 2, and although we are not doing a birthday party this year I still want to do some kind of a fun family outing so I'm trying to think of something.

Baby Ben turned 2 months old this past week, and I need to post on that.

I have some awesome Goodwill finds, want to post on that.

I started this group (well I didn't start it, I was invited by a friend) to do this series online called Moms of Men, where two ladies who each had 4 boys, give us advice, fellowship and share their wisdom as moms of men and what they went through.
I want to do a more detailed post on that because the series is so good, but for now some things I've learned is : Doing the wrong things in the wrong season is not how it'll work, and even doing the right thing you're meant to do in the wrong season of life will not work but that doesn't mean it's not your calling.
I love their raw advice and sharing of their journey too. Motherhood is incredibly hard on any mom, boy mom or any mom. I had a lot of things I could relate to in their talk and it just feels good to know I'm "normal". ha
Also, once a week, me and a group of I think its 8 girls, text and share our feelings and what's been revealed to us by that week's lesson. Oh and the lessons are online. We all paid $39 for a series of 12 lessons. It's great!

What else....
I also want to do a post on my feelings about this recent move. Friends and family know that we are so happy to be in such a lovely house now, but are definitely feeling homesick and our lease is up in a couple months, so we've been looking at our current options. Moving out, staying in this city in a bigger more private place, moving back to our favorite county but living in an overpriced tiny apartment, or even me moving in with my father to save for a bit and maybe save enough to buy. We are still young and trying to figure out what and how to do things and what's the smartest move for our family. We don't have too much help but we have definitely been blessed through out it all.

I still need to post an updated house tour.

I'd love to post my cleaning or cooking routines.

I need to post a recent maternity photoshoot I did.

And also about vlogging. That started almost 2 years ago and soon fizzled down. I think I wasn't encouraged enough to keep doing it, but I really want to start taking my camera out to record more because these babies grow in the blink of an eye and I don't want to miss a thing and it's amazing to have it all documented just like I do on this blog. I love being able to look back and see how fun our lives truly are and blessed.

Okay, just felt like I needed to jot these things down. We have  a lot going on, just like everybody else and it's nice to unload sometimes and to remind myself that I can't do it all. So maybe you'll see some of these posts in the near future and maybe not. And it's okay if not. Nothing will come of me posting or not posting Benjamin's 2 month update. ha.

One thing at a time and enjoy every second of it.

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