Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Rainy Season

Ahhhh the best season of all! I am so happy we've been getting some rain these past few days. I love the rain and I love cuddling. I'm so happy to hear that Starbuck's has the red cups already that means I need to catch up on my drinkin haha
So Cosby is now officially able to go down the stairs! Yay! That means no more carrying his little giraffe like body down ! =D

I love this little nugget.

The Beautiful sky after the rain. How is it not clear to some that God exists?!
On Friday my Hubby and I went to my mom's house for dinner and we stayed the night. It was real nice being with them and relaxing drinking coffee next to the fireplace. We took Cosby to play with BlueBell ( His pitbull sister lol) and wow they so full of energy together! I love that he gets along with all the dogs!
That's our baby at his grandma's house.
And then today we went to church which turned out to be one of those days you go and it's as if God told the pastor " okay , make sure you talk to this girl about this because she needs to hear it!" yep it felt as if the sermon was specifically for me. It feels good though to hear what I needed to hear. =) I gained a lot from it. After church we went over to my mother-in-law's and had lunch.
It was a great time. Love the boring face my husband always makes when I take a picture. It's either that or an open mouth eyes closed one. Oh well , he's still a hunk . Any ways Hope your Sunday was just as good or even better!

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