Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photoblog Recap

First off, Happy 2012 everyone! I'm so sorry I've been MIA in the blog world lately. I try and stay as positive as possible with my life on here but lately life has been a bit tough. But you know what??? I am keeping my eyes on God and my head held high. =) So I'm going to post pictures to show how my Christmas and New Years was. David worked on Christmas Eve So I spent the day at my mom's baking up a storm! =) Then from there I went over to my man's station all the way in Culver City, and had pizza for dinner and other goodies that David's partner's wife brought. It was an okay night, kinda awkward with the little kids running around and putting their Christmas pj's on and pooping in their diapers and farting.... It was ...ummm different. But at least I did get to see David for that little bit of Christmas Eve.

I forgot to mention that we opened our
Stockings on Thursday since David had to work Christmas eve ( which is when we open gifts) Cosby love his new toys!

Got a fuzzy throw blanket from David and my stocking had 5 nailpolishes along with Hershey Kisses. I got him an electric shaver and put a cologne and face cream in his stocking along with a guitar shaped spatuala:) ha
My mom got us a much needed blender. =) we've already made some banana shakes in it! So yummy! Since we didn't have a wedding shower or an actual wedding reception, we got some much needed house appliances and all. I was more than pleased with this blender. My mom also loaded us up on candy! So did my Sister-in-law along with 2 movie theater tickets! I'm hoping to save them to see the movie The Vow,with Channing Tatum (Sigh) and the beautiful Rachael McAdams. But David wants to see the new Batman. So we'll see who gets their pick. wink wink... 
On Christmas Day, we went over to Camarillo to hang with David's mom and step-dad and little sister. It was nice, we ate a delish breakfast, baked eggs with cheese and bread crumbs, and champagne 
My mom in law makes such good food! um! 
These were gone in like 5min!
My little sister made these cuties! 
Cosby LOVES going over to David's mom's house! He loves their yard and running around all day! 
After hanging there for a couple hours we headed on over to his step sister's house to drop off baby Mason's gift! 
Cosby's pooped .
A Helicopter! Ha Mason is the sweetest little thing ever! I love playing with him! He's just one happy baby!
From there, we drove on over to Lancaster. It's a good 1 1/2 drive. We were all over that day! Lancaster is a desert area, we stopped for a couple of pictures. Honestly, Lancaster is pretty boring but I do like the nice views and the mountains that surround the city. 
We found a random tree that was decorated and it had a note saying "let's keep this a tradition and decorate trees for Christmas along this highway..." ha. 
We had this for dinner at David's dad's house. It looked so cute. It was just us two and his dad and step-mom, Oh and their dogs and Cosby. David was really sick that night, we watched Abduction in the living room and then Home Alone and by that time, David was knocked out on my lap and snoring. =) poor baby sick on Christmas day.
The next day, after getting some good shut eye ( slept from 8:30 pm-8:30am) we went back home to drop off our son, and then went to Knotts Merry Farm! ha finally! It was nice and chill, we only got to go on one rollercoaster since we got there late, and we watched the show with Charlie brown and friends. Loved it! We had such a nice time! 
About to light the tree! 
BAM! It's lit! =D
I love his smile.

so there ya have it!That was our little Christmas. 
 Wednesday after Christmas we went over to my mom's and they had our family friends over . I love them all to death! 

Ana B, me and Sammy . They're like siblings to me. 
Sammy loves on me a lot. He calls me his gf and holds my hand and kisses it. Me being married has made no difference in his eyes. ;) cutie. 
David copying my Kissy face. He's gotten good at it. 
My dear old BlueBell. I love her.
My Mama and Cosby & Sammy. Cosby's gotten so big! 
p.s. my mom's house is exactly like the Paranormal Activity 2 house. Creepy!!! lol

New year's Eve was real sucky. I was alone at home. =( feel bad for me. I was down in the dumps and worked during the day but New Years day was a lot of fun! When I came home from work, I found this...
 A cloud exploded in our apt.. Not Cosby Tore open one of his toys... fun... His ears are back, He knows he's busted.
He ran and hid under the bed. Bad Boy! ha he's too cute to get mad at..

We went to church New Year's day and had an amazing service as always! It was very interactive! They had an open mic and people were giving their testimonies in a brief 2 min and then we'd sing and go back to doing different interactive things. It was very different and very involved. I liked it. 
 we ate at Ihop after church.
From there we went to my mom-in-law's for cake because it was her husband's birthday! New Years Baby lol . I didn't get any pictures of it but let me tell you it was so good! Ice cream cake, coffee all home made! yum!   
We went over to my mom's again that day cus' grandma was there! She needed to see her Greatgrandson! heehee
yes I know, Cosby is my little life right now. =) and I love him!

Jan. 2nd we spent the day at David's mom's, he helped put up the Basket ball court. 
good job Boy!
 I played with my camera while he fixed the court. 

Then we went to Malibu to see the sunset. Something we hadn't done in a long time. It was nice to have that time just the two of us. 

only in Cali is it 75 degrees out in Jan...
all taken with My iphone! 
and there ya have it! I'm sorry for the blog overload and MIA .
I hope you all had an awesome New Years. =)

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