Wednesday, March 7, 2012

He's Got The Whole World In His Hands...

Hi! Good Wednesday to you all!

I recently was sent a video showing the horrors of what Uganda has been struggling with for years now under Joeseph Kony as a leader of the rebels. I know there's a ton of other problems in this world and what not, But this is a good way to start somewhere. This VIDEO explains what we are trying to accomplish by making Kony famous so that something is finally done about this. A Friend and I are in charge of getting people in Ventura, CA to join in on the Covering of the city by stickering and posting posters in as many places in Ventura as possible on April 20th,2012 at 7:00pm . To make an event on FB for your city check in on HERE. It's just sad how corrupt the world is, I hope that many will open their eyes and surrender to God.

On a Lighter Note..
Let's Continue with the March Photo a Day!
I left off on 3
#3.) Your Neighborhood - On this day I was in Vegas so my neighborhood for this day looked like this:
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#4.) My Bedside - It's plain now since we moved in not long ago but I have a Candle, Photo of us on our wedding day, Flowers, Miss Dior perfume and a knife... ha The knife I keep there when David goes to work.(given to me by my awesome protective brother). I hate being alone at night.. so knife & Cosby make me feel secure. Oh and usually my Bible is right there too opened to Psalm 91 for night time;)
#5.) A Smile. My Fave Smile has to by Cosby's upside down smile. Makes me melt everytime!
#6.) 5pm Yesterday My husband was at work so at 5 we were texting of course!
#7.) Something I wore...Am wearing actually... For work we have to wear ugly uniforms..;(
Look at me I'm actually caught up with the photo a day challenge! =D {pat on the back for me}
This morning when David got home we got breakfast burritos.. He always comes home hungry so that burrito was gone in like 30 seconds Ha! (not literally but he does eat fast!) anyways, I caught him in the act..
Don' t disturb a man when he's got food in his mouth! {pretty eyes david. very nice heehee}
Have a fun Humpday!
The work week is almost over.

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