Wednesday, December 26, 2012

McDaniels' Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas! I'm 39 weeks here, miserable, tired, sick with a cold but happy!

Merry Christmas! It came and left soooo fast this year! I absolutely love everything about Christmas and was sad to say Goodbye. Today we took down our Christmas tree and ornaments since Noah will be arriving any day now, we need as much room as we can get!
This Christmas we didn't even plan on leaving the house and I was going to be home alone for Christmas eve but all that changed when early Christmas eve morning I woke up with some strong painful contractions. David decided it'd be best to stay home and with my Due date being 3 days away from then, he began his paternity leave. This was our first Christmas eve and Christmas Day together since we got married. =)

Christmas Eve evening we spent at my mom's house with my mom, stepdad, grandma and a new visitor Laker ( a blue pitbull my parents took in for a couple of weeks.)
Here's Laker, sleepin, he's a 1 year old pup with a massive head!
We ate food from Just BBQ and later enjoyed tamales with coffee. My family's tradition is to celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve, watch A Christmas Story, eat eat eat, and open presents at midnight. So that's exactly what we did!
My mom with Laker.

(Finally got a laptop charger so I'm able to download my dslr pictures!) 

mom on instagram... 

4 Generations! Grandma, mom, me and Noah! =D
It was a fun night! Of course Noah got spoiled and we did too! David got tools from them and I got a cookbook and some MONAY!  ;)
We ended up heading home at 2am! We live 20 min away so it wasn't a far drive.

On Christmas Day we woke up late, cleaned the place and had my mother in law and family over. It was so nice! They came loaded with presents for who else?! Noah! This guy is so spoiled! He wasn't the only one, we got good presents too! I got a cute Daughter in Law mug that said all the things she loved about me =) and David got Batman Glasses to drink out of and for us as a couple we got a Gift Card to a restaurant that read "when you feel you need time alone as a couple you can drop Noah off at Grandma's and enjoy dinner" how cute! and also a starbucks Giftcard!
 David's Dad and step mom had come over a few days before Christmas and they brought a ton of stuff too! David got Monay, I got spoiled! I got the Bestest most softest cutest cheetah blanket and pillow! I also got a Sephora giftcard, a portable iphone charger, gloves with special tips so I'm able to use my iphone with and they also gave us a Bissell carpet steam cleaner! I've been using that thing ever since! I'm obsessed! They're also getting our crib which is amazing! Oh and my mom also had me order the crib bedding the other day! Talk about spoiled!

On top of our amazing parents spoiling us, My brother (a marine who is currently deployed) sent us a big box weeks ago filled with Christmas presents for all of us! David got another tool set (different from the one my stepdad got him), a scary looking bear grill knife, Noah got lullaby CDs and I got 5 movies! All Audrey Hepburn ! He knows me ;)

Oh so on Christmas Day, David's mom and stepdad and Grace (sister) came over and we opened presents, they cooked us a yummy dinner and we enjoyed each other's company.

Today, David and I actually decided to use our restaurant gift card on lunch. So we went to Romano's Macaroni Grill and enjoyed our hopefully Last outing together alone as a couple. It was such a fun time, we were laughing and drawing on the table since they give out crayons and the table cover is covered with paper to draw and scribble on. We played tic tac toe and hangman while we waited for our food.
Topped it all off with New York Style Cheesecake! YUM!
Afterwards we walked around Khols, I got a super cute Lauren Conrad ring, and I got David a sweater. It was a good date!
*Tomorrow is officially my Due Date : December 27th! I have an appointment so we'll see what the Doc says. I still plan on doing this all natural, and yes I mean NO pain meds, no pitocin, no inducing, no epidural... But I Am willing to be open minded, if this is something I feel I can't take on than ok, I'll give in. But I'm telling myself, women have been doing this for ages without any help so I should be able to too. I'm praying about this and asking God to give me strength and encouragement. We are so excited to be parents! We ARE READY! =D

How were your holidays spent?! 

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