Saturday, January 5, 2013

41 weeks + 2 days!


ummmm, What the heck?! lol
Well I've made it this far and it could only mean Noah is healthy. Everything has checked out perfectly, fluids are good there is still plenty in there and he is growing nicely. We have NO idea how big he is ( at this point its too hard to tell) but I have a feeling he wont be a tiny one! Now when the doctor puts the doppler machine on my belly, the heart beat sounds so strong and loud! I love it! My baby boy Noah is ready!

We have talked about induction with the doctor and I will share the news soon! I mean it obviously can't be too much longer. But we are still hoping that he will come on his own. God knows when.


Achy body, back aches, shoulders (from sleeping side to side), hips very achy. Contractions, I get them all the time, even though they can be consistent for hours they don't lead to anything. I'm still dilated to 1 1/2 cm and not effaced...


I want Monsters! Yes I know they're bad for me, and no I'm not drinking them but before I got pregnant, that was almost a daily thing! So it's been tough! I did go get a 4 pack of them yesterday while grocery shopping, just to prepare for after I deliver ..heehee


ew I hate hormones. I'm am a grouch! I think I'm just fed up at this point with not being able to do much. Also, its super nice to have caring friends and family but getting texts ALL day from 10-15 different people a day asking how i'm feeling or when Noah is coming is getting .... well.... annoying. I've decided to hand my phone to David and he even gets annoyed with how many texts I'm getting, so from about 8pm-9am I've decided to turn off my phone. It's too much and I'm scared I'll lash out someday at someone. Everyone needs to be patient just like they tell me! lol

Maternity Clothes:

Not really. At this point, If I am home, which I am most of the time, I'm relying on sweatpants, yoga pants and David's Large V-necks.

Wedding Rings: On/Off? 
Off. Fingers are swollen =/

Belly Button:

Outie! David loves to point out how much it sticks out when I laugh. =)

Stretch Marks:
 Still the ones on the sides of my hips and a few under my belly but they are clear and not noticable luckily.

This weekend (Today and Tomorrow) David and I are deep cleaning our place and getting ready for Mr. Noah little McDaniels!  Here's our "fun list" for the weekend!

  1. Steam Clean carpet for the 4th time in a month 
  2. Scrub the tub, toilet and sink in Bathroom
  3. Clean countertops
  4. Scrub and clean couch
  5. Dust everything
  6. vacuum carpet and car
  7. Wash dishes
  8. Organize and check our hospital bags for anything we might be missing
I've even made a "how to" list for David with how to make certain payments and what what's due when  (since I'm usually in charge of making the payments) for when I'm recovering. I'm so blessed to have a good husband that is so involved and loving. He's not perfect, he can be a pain, but I just love him more for being normal! ;)

I'm hoping we can finish all this soon today so that we can get Cosby out to the beach for a little family date. I think we need it. 

I hope you all have a great weekend and thank you for following me on this awesome journey! 

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