Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Noah 6 Months!!!

For Noah's 6 month update photoshoot, we decided to have his pictures done professionally.  I obviously wanted the focus to be on Noah so David and I only got in a few of the pictures.


Weight: 21 pounds Height: 28 1/2 inches

Currently wearing 12-18 month clothing. Some 9 month clothing fits but a bit short on him.


  • Talks a lot (gibberish)
  • Sits
  • Pulls himself up to stand
  • Puts foot in mouth
  • Laughs very loud
  • Screams for fun
  • Somehow started saying mama and mommy and will look at me when he says it.
  • Grabs and brings to mouth
  • Plays hide n seek with a blanket or cover
  • Can now hold his own bottle


  • Loves to watch Bubble Guppies as soon as he wakes up! He even has a favorite character! (Gil)
  • Loves to eat baby food (carrots, sweet potato + turkey)
  • Loves to attempt crawling but hates when he lands on his belly
  • Loves tickles
  • Loves to poke at my face to wake me up
  • Loves the boob!
  • Loves to drink water from a water bottle or normal cup.
  • Loves to crawl over our bodies when we lay down.
  • Loves the wind!

I Love my little man. He is so perfect in our eyes! He is everything we prayed for!

I'm still very much so breastfeeding, It's been quite the task but I love it. The bond I have with him while feeding him is so incredible! This month we got to introduce him to baby food so we started him out on carrots and green beans the first week and he didn't care for the green beans. So the following week we tried sweet potato and turkey and he loved it! After that we introduced him to chicken and apples and pears. So that is currently what he's tried. I feed him solids twice a day and breastfeed about 5 times a day and all night long while co-sleeping. He is so healthy and growing at a perfect rate. I'm glad we chose to breastfeed, he hasn't been sick once since he's been born.


Yep, oh yea we are totally there. No teeth yet but man is he teething! He is in pain all day, itchy gums and whines a lot due to it. There's not much you can do to relieve the pain (besides the obvious orajel and Tylenol) he loves to chew on wash cloths, his fingers, my fingers, my knees, and all his toys. Poor guy is so restless at this point. Breastfeeding seems to calm his pain and he usually falls asleep.

Parenting and Marriage

I absolutely love being a mommy. I've been a mom for half a year now and I just adore it! It's the greatest gift a woman can have.  I've never felt so selfless and giving but when I attend to my son. I am a stay at home mom and I could not imagine missing out on these crucial moments in this time. Even though I usually only get 3-4 hours of sleep, no me time, I hardly get to do my hair or nails but you know what? It's all so rewarding in the end. Being married and then conceiving is so beautiful in itself. Yes, there are struggles when we are both running on a few hours of sleep but at the end of our rough days, we always say I love you and how proud we are of one another. David works 24 hour shifts and so do I in reality. He is a great husband and a sweet father. There is nothing better than that complete feeling of having my best friend, love of my life and my baby boy . Thank you Jesus for these beautiful 6 months of parenthood and almost 2 wonderful years of marriage!

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