Friday, August 30, 2013


Yay for Fridays!!! Today was a great day! This momma left the baby in daddy's care to get my girly things done! 

I went to Regis salon at the mall and got my hair shampooed, conditioned, cut and styled! Whoa, it's been way too long since I got professional help with this mane!!! It's gotten so long since pregnancy! The first three months after giving birth I began to lose my hair, I would shed like crazy all the time, I even started almost getting a bald spot on the side!!!! ( yay hormones right?!) ugh... It sucked, but Thank The Lord he created our bodies to do such miraculous things like give birth, breastfeed and then bounce back to shape after. My hair is still very thin but Im totally enjoying the length of it, so is Noah! He pulls it any chance he gets! Ha! 


After the much needed trim,  I ran over to the Goodwill for some good finds. i found such a cute dress!!! i cant wait to wear it! i love that i can find such great deals there!!! I also found a beautiful cashmere  J Crew sweater!!! Score! 

                                           A cute button up Kenneth Cole shirt for the hubs
                                                    Knit sweater for the baby for winter!

                                                        And this cute button up for moi!

once I got back home, I held my little man for a good 15 minutes, nursed him then we headed out on a double date for sushi with the in laws! ;)

It was a fun day! Tomorrow early morning I head out to visit my dad for a few days! Everyone needs their doses of Noah!  :D  

14 more days until my BIRTHDAY!!!! Only the best holiday there is!!! Besides Christmas!;) jk 

Have a Great Weekend everyone!!! 

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