Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Noah 9 Months Old

Noah is nine months old today! This little booger is such a happy boy, so full of life! Here's what this big boy's been up to:

Weight: 23 lbs

Height: 27 inches


  • crawls everywhere
  • pushes things around, like his highchair across the floor.
  • chews food
  • chases Cosby in his walker
  • plays catch with Cosby
  • talks a ton (gibberish) says mama a lot tho
  • began grunting for fun
  • stands a lot, takes one step but then falls on his butt
  • began sticking his tongue out and spitting.... on us first thing every morning... =/


  • Loves to watch Cosby run around, makes him laugh
  • Bubble Guppies~ starting to get over it but it still makes him smile when it comes on .
  • Loves it when you sing to him. (If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands!)
  • Pulling on Cosby's tail.
  • Loves to cry everytime I sit down for a meal.
  • Loves food. Adult food, not pureed, no, he likes to eat what I eat and than choke on it until he gags... nice.
  • To drink water.
  • To bite on things and leave them hanging by his mouth.
  • Give kisses
  • Ice Cream! (what ?! ha we didn't give him any! wink wink ;)
  • Swinging on swings
  • Loves to go for walks while he sits in his red wagon.
  • Loves being outside!


  • Seeing mommy or daddy walk up the stairs while he stays downstairs 
  • Baby food, But we did find a brand ( Earth's Best Organic) that he loves.
  • Being in his carseat
  • Napping at the moment
  • Sleeping in his crib at night.
  • The Dark
  • Getting dressed 
  • or putting a diaper on. He twists and turns and crawls away. Changing table is going to have to go..
I'm so proud of our son, he's growing so fast and he's so advanced in so much! He's learning as he goes and so are we. I love every memory we've made as a family. All the hard work really does pay off. It sure isn't super easy to raise a child but we've had it good so far and we are so blessed. 

Noah baby, we Love You so much! Always remember that. You are everything that we prayed for when we prayed to God to bless us with a child. Love you papas. 

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