Sunday, November 24, 2013

Noah 10 Months Old!

This sweet child of mine is 10 months old. 10 months ago I had him, which means in 2 more months he'll be turning 1 which means he won't be a baby no more..... =( Seriously? My heart breaks at the same time it fills for joy in knowing that Noah is blessed with a healthy life, he is a very happy baby, content, loves us, loves the family and he is as sweet as can be. Alright, let the countdown begin and first birthday preparations get planned.

Weight: 23 pounds

Height: 30 inches long.

He Can Now:

  • Walk
  • Grab and Throw
  • Pick up food and place in mouth
  • Eat what we eat
  • Answers back to cartoons (like when Dora asks a question)
  • Plays catch with Cosby
  • Drags things across the room (ex. his highchair across the kitchen, or toy trucks across the floor)
  • Give kisses
  • Lifts his arms up to be held

His talking face

Likes and Dislikes:

  • Still Loves Bubble Guppies. He will stop in his tracks to look at the TV when he hears the theme song come on.
  • Still loves to nurse.
  • Loves to sleep in our bed, but that's all coming to an end soon (we hope)
  • Dislikes when the dogs kiss his face.
  • Dislikes getting dressed or getting diaper changed.
  • Doesn't like veggies right now.
  • Doesn't like his hand being held while he walks "I can do it on my own ma!"
  • Dislikes when we walk away from him.
  • He loves this big Orange dodge ball we got him. He bounces it.
  • Loves to bite. Anything and everything.... (ouch)
  • Loves Bath time.
  • Loves to cuddle when he wakes up in the morning.
  • Loves the grandparents.
  • Loves tickles.

This time was super hard taking his pictures since he loves walking now, he gets up and walks towards the end of the bed and it freaks me out. So I had to try and be quick with getting the shots with the right lighting and all. It was fun. He loves the camera, literally, he likes to pick it up and pretend he's using it. =)

He surprises me on the daily with how advanced he is. I know, I sound like every mom out there thinking their child is a genius or whatever but he is. ;) wink wink.
He loves to play with older kids (like 4+) and he knows how to play with toys, like anything with wheels, he wheels around and turns the tires. He's a smart kid. I just wish I could have enjoyed him being a little floppy baby for a little bit longer. I loved being able to carry him everywhere back when he weighed 10 pounds , which in reality only lasted a week. I love him so much.

Noah babe, You are a God given gift come to life. You're everything daddy and mommy ever wanted and prayed for. We Love you and we know God has great plans for your life. Muah!

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