Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013 Part Two

We got his Santa pics done about a month ago and sent them out as Christmas cards.
So when we arrived home (to David's dad's house) we stayed in pajamas, ate cinnamon rolls and coffee and waited for my sister in law and her family to arrive. Once they got there we moved into the living room to open presents! There were so many presents under the Christmas tree!

How cute are these?! I used my DSLR for the above photos and than kept it simple with my iphone cus I didn't want to miss anything either!

Noah got SOOOOO many presents! We are so blessed to have such a loving family that loves and spoils Noah to Death!

He's like "what do you want me to do?" ha
Noahs amazing gifts and Sooner, the dog.

He loves the fire truck and Monster ambulance we got him! He rolls it all over the floor!
He also loves the easel grandma and grandpa got him!
hahahha I love this pic, Mason putting stickers on his mama. She had the flu but what a trooper!

For "dinner" we had Mason's great grandma and grandpa over and their friends. We ate ham mashed potatoes and bread and corn and just talked and enjoyed eachother's company. Noah played hard with all his toys, so after a few hours he was ready for sleep!

sound asleep with stickers all over.
This face, melts my heart.
Sorry about my face. ha. I didn't feel like doing my makeup that day.
When Noah finally stayed asleep on his own, we went downstairs again. Nana and papa and their friends had left so it was just our parents and Amber, Brandon and mason. This Christmas was so much fun! So exciting! It is literally 10x better and more fun when you have a kid to surprise and play with! We are so thankful for all the lovely family we've been blessed with and for a chance to get to see them all on this beautiful holiday. Now,  I know Christmas is NOT about the presents and what not, but I must say, Santa out did himself this year!;) My sister was actually saying how she hates it when people post all their presents on social media and all and I told her I was so doing that this year! First off, it's Noah's first Christmas so I have to! Second, for my presents, I just , I don't know, I'm dumbfounded with all the amazing things I was blessed with! So I'll share of few things of what I got  this year.
*I'm not doing this to brag, I'm just super excited and can't believe it!

We got a lot of gift cards this year! I already used my Sephora card heehee
I bought these concealers with the gift card.
My mom in law got me these super cute Bear Paw boots, they are incredibly soft and so comfortable! I've been wearing them since I got them, If I could I would probably not even take them off to shower! ha
I'm super stoked for this, The chi!! Never have I ever had such a nice hair tool! And not just one, TWO! I got the travel size with it!!!!
OMG! I almost peed myself! A kitchen Aid mixer! heck yea! I love to cook and bake so this is so perfect! AHHHH!!!
I'm so in love with this necklace my husband surprised me with! I didn't ask him for anything for Christmas and he got me this! It's absolutely beautiful! Noah's birthstone and two diamonds. I'm in love with it. =D
I also got a lotion and body wash set the Stress Relief Eucalyptus from bath and body works, Gorgeous diamond earrings, some cute dangly earrings, scarf, and I think that was all! I got so many amazing pretty things! I will treasure all of them!
I got David a YSL cologne, smells soooo good! He loves it. and he got himself and his dad a bear grills machete. I wrapped his up so that he wouldn't get it till his dad got it. hahaha. Don't ask me what they'll use it for.... I dunno... ugh boys.
It was a fun time! We don't have our own place but it felt very special being here with his parents and family. I wouldn't have changed it for anything. Thank you God for another wonderful year! Everyone have a blessed New Year! Noah and I are off to my Dad's today in San Luis Obispo!


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