Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mastitis. Curing with Homeopathic Remedies

So as I left off on the previous post, after shopping on Friday, I came home feeling horrible, like my body was just shutting down. Noah and I took a nice long nap until David got home from work. I was running a little bit of a fever, 100.3. When I woke up, the lump was bigger and more painful. It started to develop a bit of redness, almost like something hot had been pressed against the skin. I decided to call my dad since he works for a clinic that deals with pregnancies, breast feeding and more. He had me call a nurse that specializes in breast feeding and she told me what I needed to do.

Basically I had a clogged milk duct that seemed to be turning into Mastitis. Mastitis is a clogged milk duct but worse, an infection. And once it gets bad/ severe it only gets worse and more painful. And let me tell you, it is very very painful. Not only did I have a lump inside the breast, but it hurt so bad!

The nurse told me I had to put heat on it, A hot damp washcloth pressed against the lump and I had to massage it (The very painful part) towards the nipple so that the milk is expressed. After doing that for ten minutes I was to pump or nurse.

*Do not nurse if you have any pus or if it is extremely painful to nurse, If this happens go to the hospital! You will need antibiotics!*

Luckily I did not get a fever again and the lump had gone down a lot that night. I kept at this routine until the following day. On Saturday, I was still very sore and woke up with the red rash again. It seemed to be slightly more red but the lump was almost completely gone. At around 2 pm, I began to again feel flu like symptoms, so we stayed in all day and just tried to get better. I used a heating pad against my breast and nursed when I needed to. By the evening I felt like myself again! Thank God, I needed this infection gone!
We ended up going to target that night, and I found the perfect cure for this horrific pain!

Lasinoh TheraPearl 3 in 1 Breast Therapy (Hot or Cold)

These things literally made it so much better! I placed a gel pad in the purple cloth cover and heated in the microwave for 16 seconds and than placed it in my bra on the affected area. I kid you not, When I woke up this morning, the pain was 95% gone and the lump was no more! I no longer have a red rash and I feel so much better! I kept on with the nursing to get rid of the clogged milk and it all worked very good to get rid of my mild case of mastitis and I did it all by following home remedies!

So all of this occurred because I was trying to wean Noah from breast feeding. I wasn't going to completely stop just yet but I wanted to cut it down a lot. I went too long holding my milk in and would than be engorged and nurse and that didn't do me any good. So even though I thought I was ready to stop breast feeding, My body and Noah let me know that for us, It is just not time yet.

He will be a year old in a couple weeks, and even though there seems to be a negative outlook on a toddler being breastfed, I am going to do what I think is best for us. I am beyond blessed that I can breastfeed for this long and I am not going to take it for granted. His health has been nothing but good and it's all due to nursing. So, as exhausted as I am everyday, I am proud to say that Noah is a breastfed baby and that is okay. =)

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