Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! 2013 Review

Whooooo!!!!!! Happy 2014 Everyone! So exciting! I cannot believe we are here already! I still think that 10 years ago = 1999.... sad.  We didn't do anything crazy exciting to ring in the new year. We relaxed at home, we did go out for dinner but that was it. Watched the ball drop from our bedroom and just enjoyed our little family.

2013 Came and went way too fast! This year was a good year, a FABULOUS YEAR! So much happened! A lot changed in our lives this past year, good and bad but overall we are blessed. blessed with an entire new year. =) Here's a list of 2013's memories for the McDaniels'.
Let's start with the first exciting and best moment of 2013

1.) Noah came into our lives! Oh! Was this the sweetest most amazing gift we have ever been blessed with! Our lives are forever changed for the better! Thank you sweet Jesus for blessing us with a child. Noah Kalvin McDaniels, you are the greatest little thing! We love you with all of our hearts!

2.) David decided he wanted to join the airforce than didn't, than did and than we decided there's NO WAY we can be okay without one another. So he didn't join. Which leads us to Memory numero tres.

3.) At five months of age, we, still thinking David was joining the Airforce, moved in to his father's house to save up and prepare us to be okay while he went to bootcamp. Things didn't pan out the way we thought, he didn't join, and we were living and still are living at his father's house. His job company took away the 24 hr shifts, we took a huge pay cut and suffered a little but thank God we were already living at his dad's because we wouldn't have been okay.

4.) David got a new job with Arizona Pipeline Co. And we're getting back on our own two feet again. Hey, life isn't always easy, there are huge struggles and this was our little stumbling block but where there's a will, there's a way. After being on our own since we were 18, I think at 22 & 23 this happened and that is okay.

This picture is a couple years ago.

5.) My mother and I's relationship improved and has healed. We don't have the perfect mother daughter relationship, We've been through a lot but I have prayed and left my problems in God's hands and that was the RIGHT thing to do. Thank you God for answering my prayers.
6.) David and I celebrated 6 years together! Insane!
7.) We experienced all the lovely joys of parenthood, like seeing Noah stand, eat solids, walk and laugh and more! These are the memories I will forever Treasure.

8.) David turned 24 & I turned 23.
9.) I've gotten to know David's dad and stepmom so well, I'm so glad they opened their house and hearts to us. I love them so much and love our relationship. Everything happens for a reason and I think this had a lot to do with us moving in with them. This needed to happen and I am so glad it did. I love you Holly & Britt.
10.) I've been lucky enough to be able to breastfeed Noah for a full year! Yay! It hasn't been easy, It's super exhausting, time consuming and work but I'm glad I was able to do it. He only got sick once this past year and I'm proud of him and I for his strong immune system.
2014 has so many things in store for us!  Noah will be ONE in just 7 days! I'm going back to school to get my AA in 5 days! We plan and pray that we are able to get out on our own in about a month and a half and I just cannot wait for all the other great things God has planned for our lives. 2013, I loved you, I disliked you at times but This will forever be a memorable year because I've found a great love, a sweet love and unconditional love, my son.
Farwell twenty-thirteen and Hello twenty-fourteen.

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