Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Post Title? ~Blank

I wasn't even sure what to name this post.. I guess it's just an update.
I haven't blogged in a month, and surprisingly I didn't actually miss it! I got so busy with party planning Noah's first birthday and that same week I had my first week of school. Onto that subject.... Yea, I think it was way to soon for me to do school. See, I started having more time in my day, I've been able to get ready and get stuff done, go places blah blah blah.... So I thought, "hey, School shouldn't be too hard!".... ha! It's still just as tough as when It was just me and David, now mix in having time for Noah, study time and homework time and the fact that I commuted 2hours there and 2hours back to and from school, Not a good mix. Oh, let's not forget that we've been looking at for an apartment, so we're crazy busy with that, driving down to look for a place and what not, and of course, I got super sick with the flu my second week of school.
Than, I was super happy that my brother decided to fly in from NC for a couple weeks but I had just started school and of course I wanted to be with him and squeeze in as much time for him as I possible could. All of this to say that I, Susie McDaniels, am stressed. Stressed to the point that I cried more than Noah had all week, Stressed to the point that I don't get hungry, and stressed to the point that I just want to sleep. (No, I still hardly sleep, but it's a beautiful thought when you have a little one isn't it?)

I think a big part has to do with me feeling low because we don't have our own place. We've accomplished our goals by living with my in laws, and they blessed us so much, but I want to wake up in our own apartment, have Noah have his own little room or play area (whatever we get) and have movie nights in our living room. I miss it so so much! I also miss living in Ventura County where the beach is a walk away or a 3 min car ride away. I miss decorating our living space. I miss it all! If you're from around here, you know finding a good inexpensive place to live is pretty hard to do since everything is so over priced and security deposits and a thousand+ more than the actual rent... ugh. It's disgusting.
If we could have it our way, David and I and Noah of course, would be living in one of three places: Ireland, Oregon or San Luis Obispo in CA. I know, Ireland, not too realistic, but it's what we've always dreamed of and this is my journal so I can say what I want. ;) mmmmm (sticking tongue out)

The first time David traveled outside the country with me, we noticed how life was so much greener on the other side. Sure it might have just been because we were on vacation but everyone just seemed to be more patient, people lived simply (with only neccesities) and it just seemed to be happier than how we live. So we made a promise to one another that we would someday live in a different country to experience life that way. And we're both obsessed with the thought of living in Ireland so why not? But for now, we're looking to live in ventura county and that's pretty too.

I'm rambling. To myself. I guess that's all I have to say right now. Noah's sick at the moment but he's getting better so hopefully things get back to normal around here. I still really need to blog about his birthday, It turned out just like we hoped it was so beautiful! So you'll see that anyday.
Take care, if you're reading, thanks for doing so and thank you for being patient!


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