Friday, February 28, 2014

We Moved!!!!

I'm am beyond excited to share that our little family has moved once again and for the better! Man it feels so so so good to be on our own two feet again and have a place we can call home. As most of you know, we had moved in with David's parents last June to save some money because David was going to join the Airforce. Well, that didn't happened, we stayed living with his parents probably longer than we should have and even though it really helped us out and gave us a head start, I'm so thankful that God provided us with a lovely 2 bedroom apartment in beautiful Camarillo, CA.

Valentine's Day  2014, was an adventure for the McDaniels'! Thursday the 13th, we prepared by calling in a Uhaul truck and packed all our belongings in it and stayed up past 2am just to be ready for the following day. Friday, Valentine's Day was moving day for us! David had to work a half day and me and Noah spent the day cleaning, emptying out our room and driving down to meet with David at the new place. I was actually hit with the second cold within the month while doing all of this. I probably got sick a lot because I was so stressed out and wanted to move so bad I just kept going and going. So even though we didn't get to do much of a romantic thing this year, I still loved that this Valentine's Day memory was of us moving in to our new home.
So here it is, our little apartment Before.

When you walkin this this what you see, the living room and to the left is the dining area and kitchen. 
The Kitchen. Noah helped me put food in the fridge.
Dining area. ( not our table)

Noah's room

So there ya have it! It's small, but perfect for us. It's vintage and has character and I love it! It looks very different now that we've added our touch to it. We've had to get new and used furniture since we had only our bedroom to deal with. When we moved out of our last apartment we gave away a lot of furniture to friends and family that needed it. But it's been fun finding things on Craiglist and than making it our own. I will be posting before and after photos real soon!


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