Monday, March 17, 2014

Over the weekend

This weekend was fun! We had our baby niece's first birthday to go to in Lancaster on Saturday. Everyone was there, all of David's cousins and aunts and grandmas! It was a very good time seeing all the littles playing together! Maddie, birthday girl, was actually asleep for a while, but who can blame her, it aint easy being a princess! ;)

I Love this picture! Sarah (maddie's mom) is so sweet! Such a great friend!

Maddie's Castle, they had a castle jolly jumper! So fun!

Happy Birthday Dear Maddie!.....

All the cousins! So cute!

This is noah's great grandmother, How good does she look?! Too bad Noah posed with his stink face. 
It was a cute party, so girly and pretty! I Loved it!
On Sunday we spent the day running to Home Depot to put up some DIY shelves in our apartment! I will post on that soon! =) Today, Noah and I are home, we might go to the beach, not sure, my phone isn't working for some reason so maybe I'll stay safe by staying in today. Hope you all have a great and safe St. Patrick's day!!!

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