Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beach Dayz

I don't know about you but when the sun is out and shinning, I like to be at the beach. The beach has literally been my home these past couple of months, well, since we moved back to Ventura County actually. We Love going to the beach and staying there for hours! And Noah loves it too! This past Sunday we spent our day in Carpinteria (Santa Barbara County) and went to the beach there. Its got a great atmosphere, people playing volleyball behind us, Playing football in front of us and all the little tater tots running to the water. I love it! Noah is pretty good at the beach, he loves the water but would rather play with the sand. This time, he found that throwing sand up in the air was hilarious, all fun until it got in his eye.... Not fun.

It was a lot of fun there. Afterwards, we walked around the town and had lunch at a neat little pizza place.

He doesn't agree with me documenting everything we do, but hey, he'll thank me years from now! ;)

Afterwards, we drove around Montecito and stopped to grab a coffee drink at a local market. It was the perfect beach day!

Another beach day well spent was on Tuesday with my best friend and her baby. I wanted to go back to Carpinteria but , that didn't pan out like we wanted. Brandon, her baby, was screaming so loud since he got in my car, and half way through our beach trip, Noah started getting scared because of the screaming so he started crying. Well, when Noah cries in the car for a long period of time, he gets super loud, can't breathe and throws up. And that's exactly what happened. I pulled over at the next exit and held him for about half an hour. I felt so bad. He was panting. My poor baby. Turned out that where I pulled over was another beach I had never been to, we just had to walk downhill and bam! The perfect secluded beautiful beach!

It's been a couple of good beach days! =)

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