Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day with my Little

Oh Mother's day.... I love you. Yesterday was beautiful, perfect day, perfect weather, perfect start to the day with breakfast in bed made by Mr. Noah (aka Daddy) . We went to church, it was good as always, and than we went to the Ranch House and David took a few pictures of me and Noah. Than we came home, made lunch and I baked cookies and made two Giant heart shaped cookies for our moms, and delivered them. Mother's day was a great day, but in reality, I feel like Mother's day is everyday for me. I'm blessed with a sweet healthy boy that loves on me all day long and I'm blessed with a sweet man with a heart of gold that makes it a point to tell me everyday that I'm doing such a good job. So even though our day yesterday was calm and quiet for most, it was the perfect Mother's Day for me. =)

 My mom wasn't home so we had to leave the cookie there, but David's mom loved her cookie and enjoyed it! Did I mention they were peanut butter and Nutella cookies?! Yum! 

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful hardworking mamas out there! 

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