Friday, March 11, 2016

Levi 9 months

 Levi 9 Months

Weight 23 pounds 28 inches long

Began walking!!!! 9 Months old just like big brother!  He's good at it too!

Has 4 top teeth coming in! Watch out! Cranky in pain baby over here!

Can now eat harder foods like cheerios, gold fish, bunnies, loves bell peppers, corn, beans, eggs, chicken, and drinking water from a cup or water bottle! (He never drank out of a bottle)

"talks" more like screams!

Says DADA !

Grunts to let us know he wants more of something.

This little guy is fun! He loves the camera, loves to flirt! Taking him to a restaurant or grocery store I always get stopped by someone who wants to talk to him or kiss him ( yes thats happened a few times lol) . And he loves all the attention!

It's def, not the easiest taking pictures of him, blogging, or even hanging out with friends anymore. Having two little ones takes up so much time and patience. I'm still adjusting believe it or not. Some days I can cook a meal, somedays I can cook all three meals and other days I can't cook even one meal. I'm learning to balance and learning that not everything needs to be perfect all the time. Blogging is definitely not a priority at the moment. If I can journal just by posting pictures and not so much typing what's been going on then I might just do that for the time being.

Days come and go. I wake up, change the boys, feed them, we play, we read, we go for walks and by the time I take a second to look at the time it's already 3.

Levi, we love you. It's hard to believe you are already 9 Months old! You've grown so much and we are so in love! =)

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