Thursday, June 30, 2016

One Year shoot

Before Levi's birthday, I wanted to get him all dressed up and take nice pictures of him. That's just what we did! When Noah turned one I did the same thing and we did it in SLO, so I went back and took picture there again! I love it there, everything is so open and so green and perfect!

Here they are! Even David snapped a couple of pictures with me and the boys! Thanks babe! You are getting good at taking pictures!

I love how they turned out! We had those displayed through out the party.

After the Birthday party, I recycled a few of the decorations for another shoot and Oh My Gosh, these are my absolute favorite pictures!

 We couldn't let Noah not get in on the fun! hahaha! He enjoyed this!

I'll treasure these pics forever! My babies!

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