Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Goodwill Hunting (Finds)

It's been a while since I posted about my thrift store finds. Does Goodwill still count as a thrift store? I find nothing but brand new things there! I'd say about 98% of my clothing items are from thrifting. 90% of our household is from thrifting or free finds! Heck we're all about second hand finds! Look at the picture above, those are my good will finds and even the rug pictured was free. We LOVE A GOOD DEAL. Mainly because as you guys know , we don't have a lot to spend.
I shop at the goodwill when there is a little extra (by that I mean $20 bucks extra I can use for "fun") .
And since recent'y I've had a few paying gigs, I've been shopping for a few things we need or just couldn't pass up ;)

Here's a little outfit I put together from my finds. (excluding pants: from Ross)
Shirt: 4.99
Booties: 4.99

This Find made me so happy!
Free People Dress: 7.99
I'm pretty sure this retails for close to $100 if not more. 

A Large, no shame, it'll fit nicely with a bump.

Shoes: Aubrey Brooke $3.99
Never heard of this brand but I love them for church.

I found a couple of things for new baby boy. A super cute Muslin blankie , two onesies brand new, and a swim outfit. All were $1 each.

Brand New with Tags!

So there ya have it ! Those are my recent finds! I plan on going tonight for the %50 off sale they have. And I'm going by myself! Ah vacation! hahahaha
I love that we can find super cute and nice items for cheap. I don't remember the last time I shopped at a department store (without a gift card) and when I do use a gift card, it's so hard to make the purchase because for a $20 shirt or onesie , I can get about 10 items from a Goodwill. I don't think I'll ever change when it comes to thrift store shopping. You can thank my grandma for showing me how to shop for cheap and free! ;)

I hope this was interesting! If it is comment below and I will post more finds! Thanks for reading!

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