Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016!

It's the day after Christmas, toys everywhere, wrapping all on the floor, happy boys waking up early to play with their new cars and tools. It's perfect! Daddy is home with us and it couldn't be any sweeter! It's chilly out so we're all bundled in at home watching the boys play.

Christmas was Great! We stayed home this year, made it a point not to travel all over like we usually do. We had Christmas Eve dinner here at home with our friends Suzie and Jessie over and their two kids Michaiah and Avram.

We made a delicious turkey dinner with stuffing on the side, green bean casserole and fresh cranberry sauce. Susie made an amazing mashed potato dish and Strawberry shortcake for dessert. We laughed we talked and we enjoyed one another's company. It was perfect! David's brother is here with us and it was great having a home filled with family and friends.

At 6pm we went to the Christmas Eve service at Church and that was so so good! They always go all out for it so it was no surprise that this year would be an amazing production.

I don't think he enjoyed his presents at all! hahaha

After Church, we came home, let the kids open their presents and than we adults enjoyed some coffee and cake and watched Gabriel Iglesias on Netflix. It was so funny!
We had such a good Christmas Eve!

Micaiah began to get sick and fell asleep pretty early compared to everyone else but little did we know Suzie and Jessie would later that night have a the worst scare with their littlest Avram. He ended up in being transported to the hospital because he wasn't breathing right. Turns out the little guy got croup! I remember Noah got Croup as a baby and it scared us so bad. He would cough and sound like he couldn't catch his breath. Luckily Avram went home the next day and got the rest and treatments he needed. He is now home and doing much better.

Christmas Day, the boys woke up early to play with their toys and I made french toast sticks with a egg casserole that cooked in the crockpot all night long. It was pretty good!
Later my mom, grandma and my mom's husband came over and brought a ton of presents for the boys and some for me and David too! It was so sweet ! Oh and my mom brought me some corn tamales that she had purchased for Christmas! They were so so good!
They stayed for a bit and enjoyed the kids opening all their new toys and playing with them and then went home.

Later that day we stopped by David's mom's house for dinner and to wish them a Merry Christmas! They had gifts for us and the kids too! This year they made us gifts and I couldn't be more grateful! The thought and time that went into our sentimental gifts made my day! My father in law, Ken painted a nativity set for me! It looks so beautiful!

I cannot wait to put it up next year! And then my mother in law made me bath bombs! That is so cool! The sweetest and most touching gift was a dvd they made for David of him as a baby with his mom and dad. I could not hold back the tears when we watched it. His parents have been divorced for many years but to have his step father make this dvd for him and his mom think of it was the most amazing thing! And who doesn't love seeing a baby version of themselves ;)
We ate dinner there , turkey too of course =D and green beans and mashed potatoes!

I forgot to mention that the day before Christmas Eve until even today, Levi was sick with a stomach bug so we've been going day by day playing it by ear with our events. It's sad to see him sick during the festivities but he is doing much much better today.

Today, we woke up , I made pancakes from scratch and we took off to the toy's store to use the gift cards their grandparents gifted them! It was sweet !
David and I split up, he went with Noah and I with Levi and let them pick out what they wanted. They ended up finding one another and both wanted something from the "Just Like Home" area. Noah got a play chainsaw with a toolbox full of tools and Levi got a play lawn mower and a Peppa Pig tree house! 

They are so happy!

Afterwards, we went to Chili's to pick up lunch, with the gift card my mom got us. I think I've mentioned before but Chilis has a great deal with meals for 2 for $22! Our gift card had $25 and we got a big bag of chips and Guac, Cajun chicken pasta with bread and David got a big cheeseburger and fries! It came out to $23 and change! Perfect! So we brought that home and ate while Levi slept, and now I am here blogging while the boys play together.

We're seriously so blessed for all we've been provided with and given. Life hasn't been easy recently , I'll share what I have been feeling lately , but through it all God always comes through. God loves to Surprise us and gift us with blessings upon blessings and he puts just the right people to be in our lives at every season of life we go through.

We hope you all had an amazing Christmas and We wish you a happy New Year ! 

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