Thursday, December 8, 2016

Magnolia Market!

Oh my gosh you guys! We  got to go experience the Magnolia Market in Waco Texas! What a dream!
The place was everything I had seen on Instagram tags and on Youtube. It's basically a big big lot with two silos, a store (the market) and a bakery. On the lot there is a big grassy area for kids to play in and amazing swings to swing on! The silos are right there and house a stage where concerts are held on special events. Head to the back and you'll find a cute garden area with a a little shop for outdoor gardening supplies and plants.
There are also about 6 food trucks in the back, we didn't try any food or goodies from the bakery because  duh, Cracker Barrel but I've heard nothing but good stuff about those food trucks!
The store is a dream! It's huge and packed with amazing home goods! Prices are eh, a bit steep but not more than your average home decorating store. If you enjoy walking through Anthropologie, Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel, you'll enjoy the Magnolia Market and all of the innovated ideas for decorating your home.

Now, here a little tip:

As I mentioned, the Magnolia Market was a little pricey with their products, but if you want similar things with a similar feel but want to stay on budget, walk a block behind the Magnolia Market. You will find a tall brick building called The Findery. It's a neat little shop with same or similar products and more at half the price! The shop is owned by Chip and Joana Gaines' Friend and Carpenter Clint and his family. Personally, this was my favorite from visiting Waco. The Findery was right up my alley when it comes to styling a home, finding new colors in milk pain and chalk paint for projects and even neat jewelry and clothes! I think we all enjoyed ourselves there more!

This was a fun day, getting to see these places you see and hear about and making it a reality! 

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