Monday, May 1, 2017

Easter 2017

We've been driving the two hour drive a lot to see family since we moved in February and Easter was no exception! We drove down on Friday to stay the weekend at my mom's and mother in law's for Easter. We had so much fun! The boys were so excited for their basket surprises !

When we leave our house for the weekend, I usually drive up on my own with the boys and meet David over there after he gets out of work. I take my time getting ready because I love to come back to a very clean and put away house. I snapped the photo above just before we left. The sun was shining through and it was a magical hour. Of course he needed a bunny pic!

 Saturday Morning I had asked my mom if David and I (and Benjamin) could go on a little morning date. She agreed and took Noah and Levi out for breakfast and some play time at the beach!
 David and I went to Ventura and enjoyed breakfast at Cafe Nouveau. It was super yummy!
                                                                           Hi Ben!
Later that evening, my mom and Rudy went to church to volunteer, and we went on a family walk to the park.  There I am with my three boys!

This is Sunday morning. My mom surprised the boys with they own baskets and light up egg necklaces! How fun!

We didn't get a good family picture of us during Easter but this was about as good as it got. And quite frankly, I was embarrassed to post any of them because of my body. I wasn't comfortable with how I looked but that's not what's important. This is my family now and we are happy that's what's important.

We went to church and had an amazing time seeing our friends and listening to the sermon. After church we went to the Ranch House to snap a couple of pictures.

Even Noah took a couple of pictures on my iPhone!

After pictures, we went to david's mom's house for lunch/dinner and stayed the night. I actually ended up falling asleep and missed dinner, I was so exhausted! 

We also got a little cake and birthday crown for his mom since her birthday would be the following weekend. It was a lot of fun!

Monday, I rounded up the boys and headed home. It was a great Easter weekend !
I did talk to Noah and explain the meaning of Easter. It's a big concept to grasp at 4 years of age but planting that seed in his head is key and I made sure to start early. Can't wait for next year to have our 3 boys running around during this special time!

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