Saturday, December 17, 2011

4 Months !

Yesterday was our 4 month anniversary being married! Can you believe that?! Time goes by so fast!!! I just can't wait for our wedding which we don't know when it will be... About that, I've been bumming a lot over it and how we didn't experience the usual big pre wedding activities that come along with all the wedding fun!  =( I just feel down in the dumps because we don't have those awesome wedding pictures with the beautiful big dress and my babe all dressed up looking super handsome next to his best man and crew...I want to experience the fun bridal showers,which I wouldn't just want it to be a ME party but have David there too, or those nice photos of me and my pretty mom getting ready together and my dad praying over me and all that good stuff. It just seems like none of it will end up happening.
I know I sound like a big baby right now, but I'm just sad. I want God's will to be done and if he's saying to wait on all that, I know it's for our own good. I trust that everything will turn out the way God wants, and I know that I will like it because I trust in him.
Okay, enough with the tears and wah wah wah...
Since we were planning already to get married in June of 2012, and now it isn't happening then, we had already started planning and setting up Honeymoon plans... Well since we postponed, we told David's parents (who were giving us the AMAZING gift of a nice stay in a resort wherever we wanted) and they want us to still go on our trip. We were planning to go to Costa Rica, but I decided I should let David plan out wherever he wants us to go. And guess what.... He's totally keeping it a secret from me! AHHHH! I've tried guessing where we're going but I can't get him to crack! man! ha This just makes it way more of an exciting wait for me! We're going "Somewhere" in May for a week! eeek! It will be our big trip together as a married couple! Can't wait!
Last night after work, the MR. & I went on over to Santa Barbara to my cousin's birthday party! It was nice seeing my family and being loud and eating and playing Just Dance =D I looooooveeee dancing so I told David we NEED one of those to wear me out everyday.
Here is my little family, This was just before we left to go to the party. The earrings, might I say, were given to me by my sweet husband. He let me pic something out of my stocking ;)
Awe my little nugget is 4 months old now! Speaking of, he is right next to me and just farted...;0 ew!
Here he is looking like a little nut. ;) I love this little booger.

Today I went to the store to get a buttload of little goodies that could fit in a plastic shoebox. Our church is doing a Love in a Shoebox, and people were asked to fill these in for kids in Mexico and they will be sent right after Christmas. My box was for a Girl obviously. I hope she likes the little things I picked out. I think I'll write a letter to her to just letting her know about us and where we're writing from. I love doing things like this, I've always wanted to do missions but haven't really done so, and it's pretty impossible with David being at work all the time now..=/ In the future for sure I'd like for us to go on a missions trip together.
That was last night being dumb.
And this was today, driving around town looking at pretty houses with my baby. He think I'm nutz but he loves me. ha

I'm totally loving my hair's new look. Not in the picture above lol but besides that I'm liking it. Maybe later I'll add more highlights to it.

Guesses to where we might be going...

 I think the carribean somewhere... Or Mexico....
Maybe even Hawaii? hmmm I like it there;)

I Don't know where he's taking me but I can't wait. I def think we need some Vacation time together for the first time as Newlyweds. I'm So happy we're still doing this!

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