Monday, December 19, 2011


I'm going to be upfront here, it's that time of the month, and I'm not talking about the BirchBox, I mean... That girl time of the month. And it's pretty dang painful. I'm not trying to exaggerate or anything but I get real strong cramps and they seem to get worst and worst each time. A couple of months ago I had to go get pain shots for it and 500mg ibuprofen... This time I'm at work and pretty sure I'm leaving early because it's not very professional to be hunched over my chair all day. David's at home too so I know he'll more than take care of me while I'm there. He's really good at making sure I'm nice and comfortable and taking some pain killers. ( I did end up leaving early from work..)
So that's what's going on with me, just thought you'd all like to know ;) ha

On better notes, this weekend was pretty nice and chill. =) Saturday I was alone since the boyman works. ha and it was a cold rainy day so me and Cosby stayed in and watched movies and worked out a bit.
16 candles. =)
Than on Sunday, my gosh, church was amazing! I love the choir when it comes to this time of the  year. It was so nice and the music and decorations and people!!!! ahhhh I love Christmas!

My makeup for church. =) I wore a cute nude dress that I got from Goodwill for $4.99! brand new! with my black heeled wedges and black peacoat.
The word was real good too. I got plenty out of it. =)
After  Church David's mom and stepdad took us out for lunch at Money Pancho's where I celebrated being 21 with my First Drink. They have such yummy Mexican food there! I love it!
Here's what I got to eat from the buffet they had..

It was a lot but I didn't finish it all. ;) so yummy!

After that me and David drove around town and looked at an open house just for fun, and man, it was fun! ha . Of course it was way out of our league but still neat to look. The place had like 7 rooms I swear and a pool and hardwood floors and marble countertops! So gorgeous!
We went back to his mom's house and I took a very much needed nap. Once it had been like 2 hours lol we went over to Rocky Peak church to experience the Back to Bethlehem even they had going on. It was such a blast! They had people dressed in the times of Jesus and scary Roman soldiers that were mean and rude . I got to pet all these sheep and camel and David got to get trained by one of the Roman soldiers. They told him he didn't have what it takes and kicked him right out of training! hahaaha it was a neat experience!
They told us that Jade ( the camel) has appeared in movies like Bedtime Stories, Year One and Zookeeper! She's famous and I touched her! heehee
David with the mean Roman soldier!
Cute girls doing basket weaving!
And some random guy trying to sell us fish with the Sheckles we got to spend!
We used ours on food.  of course. We ate goat cheese, barley on crackers and freshly made bread. I could totally enjoy living in those times.
Us being cute. ha or trying...
And then of course I had to get a bathroom pic of me and my little sister in law.
argh!  that's what I'm doing.
We had such a good time! I recommend going to Back to Bethlehem if you live Close to LA in California. It's in Chatsworth at Rocky Peak Church. =) very fun activity.
Cosby the Alien says Hi!
My little nugget blogs with me. ;)
Happy Monday everyone!

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