Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birchbox Numero 2!

Here It is! These are the Items I got this month and I'm way happy! I know last month I was let down by the things I got but this time I love it! =D
Here are the items I got, I didn't take some of the pictures and used the online ones because they look better.

1. Lipgloss by Jouer , It's super small but I like that it's not super sticky like most lip gloss. The color doesn't show this bright, It's more of a clear color. I like it.
2. Body Lotion by Ahava, I got a smaller one perfect to fit in a purse. It has a very clean smell to it and it really moisturizes good.
3. My favorite, Amika oil for the hair. It goes on dry or damp hair, I use it after I shower than after blowdrying and it leaves my hair looking and smelling good! I'm in love with this product!
4. My second favorite item from this Birchbox, were the Incoco nail polish stickers. I always thought these were tacky and looked retarded, but I tried them on and Oh my gosh, I wish I would have tried them sooner! This is perfect if you're lame like me and paints nails at night before going to bed.... Instead of waiting for them to dry and waking up with nasty bed sheet nails, you can just stick these on and sleep! I'm def getting more of these. 
This is what they look like, Mine were silver/glitter
Aren't they cute???! 

5. Show Stoppers stickies to keep clothes from falling and showing unnecessary accessories if you know what I mean... 
6. Last but not least... a packet of EBoost energy powder that you pour in water and drink. Looks yummy. 
So there ya have it! I'm going to keep doing this Birchbox jingle. I like it so far. 
Go to https://www.birchbox.com/ to sign up, It's only $10 a month and you get all these neat designer stuff! 

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