Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April Photo Challenge

Hello! Feel like I haven't blogged in a longgggg time but it hasn't been too long.. Ok so I'm going to begin with April's Photo a day challenge! Whoo hoo it's April, Spring has sprung now bring on the pretty pics!

1.) Your Reflection

2.) Colour : my makeup !

3.) Mail: oops! Forgot this one...=/ sorry

4.) Someone Who Makes me Happy: David John McDaniels, My husband

5.)Tiny : Our growing garden. These are Marigolds.

6.) Lunch : yep a Monster... We were doing a fast from thursday 7pm-Friday 7pm so  I drank a monster.
7.) Shadow: while hiking

8.) Inside my Wallet: and out.

9.) A Younger Me/ A Younger Us. Perfect fit for our 5 year anniversary!

10.)  Cold: If you're a Californian, this is Cold. We're babies here...

so there you go so far for the photo challenge. I have so much to share but I'll do that on another post. For now I'll post randoms.

I love this . Us taking a pic Easter night and David sneezing in the middle of it... ew. Ha don't tell him this is posted..

Love long hot walks with my pup and then taking him to the river to cool off. He plopped his belly in the water. =)

I hope I don't seem conceited , I just thought the sunlight would make it look cool
David at work
Sleepy mornings
Another Sleepy morning. That monkey is Johnson, he's  from Build a Bear Factory, my husband got it as a part of my Christmas present 4 years ago! ;) love it.  He came with a Scarf, cool hat and chucks but I don't bother anymore ha

okay I need to get some rest so that's it for now. Goodnight! 

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  1. Hey baby girl this blog just keeps getting better and better! great job love! i love it! i love you! muah!



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