Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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It's April already.... which means David and I will be together for 5 years on the 9th! =0 How insane is that? I'm 21, he's 23 and we've already been together for that long! And guess what? I'm absolutely happy about it ! I love that we can say that, I love that we make each other just as happy as we did when we first became an item. I love every moment I am with him even if we're having an "off day" . I LOVE MY GUY. So although I wish we had Big plans for that anniversary weekend we really don't, partly because it is Easter weekend and want to be at church but also because we are saving up for that trip I told you guys about in May.... and I found out where we are going... We are going to The Dominican Republic!!!!=D You might be like huh where's that or why??! David and I are all about discovering new places and up for an adventure and I'm so happy he chose to surprise me with somewhere I've never been and neither have too many people. It's absolutely beautiful and on the DL . I'm so excited! So since I guessed it and all I've been helping plan the trip and just booked our flight. I Can't wait!

Sad thing now is that I have to get a new passport and leave the other one behind with my souvenir stamps because we got married and now I have a new last night. So buh bye to last years passport. I'll be filling the new one in for sure! 

Last night was fun , we had dinner at El Torito with David's Dad and step-mom. I got the delicious tortilla soup ummm! It was a good time just catching up on current events. =)
Anyways, for our anniversary I want to make another video for David of all our adventures. I made one a while ago for fun and He loved it. Now we have more adventures and hundreds more pictures, I think it'd be nice. Any suggestions on other things I can to for the Mr.?
The video I made a while ago. 

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