Monday, April 2, 2012

March has come and gone!

Well goodbye March, you were a sweet month, easy month full of adventures. I'll say my goodbye by posting the rest of the Photo Challenge. =)
can't believe i'm posting this picture but whatev, it's an accomplishment. =)
There you have it! March is done with!!! So How did your photo challenge go? Will you be participating in April's Photo A Day challenge? I think I might as well, I enjoy documenting the moments everyday or things I have.

This weekend was nice. My parents came home from their Spain Mission's trip and they looked like they really had a good time! They came over for dinner on Friday night and brought us delicious wine from there. =) I made whole wheat penne pasta with chicken alfredo sauce and broccoli. They brought us neat things from Spain, An apron, salt and pepper shakers and a magnet !
I worked on Saturday so that was ok and then after work I went over to my mom's house . I did our laundry and my mom made delicious green enchiladas sooo good.. sadly this past week I haven't been keeping up as much as I'd like to with my diet and excersice but I promise I'm going to stay faithful to getting my bikini bod. ;-)
My mom and I went to the mall that evening because I needed some powdered makeup . She told me to try Clinique, which I've never ever tried their makeup before so I gave it a shot. The girl matched me up to my color and Bam! It was soooo nice! It left my skin so smooth and made it look super clear! I love it! Well with that purchase I got a gift bag and it came with 7 items! (eyeshadow,blush, lipstick and lipgloss , mascara, night cream and lotion! ) I scored! I'll post pictures later.
Yesterday we went to Church and It's looking real good ! Next Sunday we will for sure be moved into the new auditorium! =D After church we went out with the in-laws to eat at Money Pancho's (The place I went to when I turned 21) They had a buffet so this is what I got :
Don't worry I didn't even finish it all... ha
My sweet mom in law 
and then we went over to their house and let the pup play with their animals.
David's sister with Cosby. =)
and on our way to church ...
at church we got a book that I'm really excited to start reading.
ok so that's it for now. Tonight we're going out to dinner with David's Dad and step mom, Should be fun! =) Have a good Monday!

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