Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Lately I see babies everywhere, finding out friends are pregnant, and especially on blogs! I'm going to be straight up and admit that baby fever has officially hit me. I know what you're thinking, oh you're too young wait a few years...blah blah blah.. People, thank you for all your wise opinions but one thing for sure is we want to be young fun parents. We both want to have the energy to raise them to our full potential and love on them to the max! I always wanted to be married young and would hear "You're too young" ALL THE TIME. There is nothing more annoying than to have someone especially strangers try and back you out of what you're heart is telling you to do. I'm not at all saying I'm going to get pregnant right now, but yea I'm def. loving day dreaming of the day we do. =D So I did the worst thing you could do when thinking of something you want... went on pinterest and added cute ideas for babies and stuff. Oh and I also have that maternity photo shoot on Sunday so I'm looking for ideas. Heehee.

so cute! Oh I would prob. have millions of photos of our babies!

the baby's room would totally rock this look. Neutral tones with light pinks (saying if it were a girl.)
Yes yes yes yes!
baby mocassins, oh you bet ya! And I would def have a matching pair for myself!
Another super cute baby room.
I'm melting as we speak. (type.)
God's amazing creation! So precious and peaceful. 
Ok so I just noticed how sexist I'm being ...  all the photos are baby girls! Ha what can I say girls are the best ;) joking. I think, if we push the right buttons, we'll end up with twins. They say it skips a generation and that would be since my grandma is a twin! So either me or my brother! ha. So to anyone that reads this, No i'm not pregnant yet and couldn't tell you when the day will come. I pray and wait on God's time. As for now I have two babies already that I have to fend for. 
Exhibit A.) 
This spoiled pup o' mine. Yes he sleeps like a human. Tucked in and head on pillow.

Exhibit B.) 
My man/boy of a Husband. He eats every 2 hours (full meals) and can sleep for days but does make it out of bed to play video games. ;) ha love my man

So see? I'm happy and busy with the life we have now. We both would me ecstatic to have a child right now but all in it's time. =) As for now, I can't wait to go on our vacation in 23 days! whoo! 

On another good note: I got my photography business cards in the mail!
 Yes I've already been handing them out! Used and it worked amazingly well. =D 

So, sorry if I scared you with this post and sorry mom, no not yet. heehee. 
Have a great night! 

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  1. aww go for it girl! I know I'm not on the baby fever train yet but getting married young I also heard the "your too young" lecture all.the.time. If your heart is telling you to be a mama, go for it!



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