Wednesday, April 25, 2012

what to call this? weekend sum up.

Hey all! Happy Wednesday! I haven't told you about my weekend! So as you know on Saturday I took some photos of a good friend and they turned out amazing! (will be posting more very soon!) it was just an overall blessing to kick start photographing again with the right person. We really had a great time during the shoot that we decided to grab some grub after at Topper's Pizza... yum I love their pizza! Pizza and girl talk what more could you ask for?! A movie! yay we went to see The Lucky One > yes the movie with Zac Efron.. Although he is super hunky and handsome I don't like his face... too girly if you ask me. But it was a really good movie! Nicholas Sparks, Thank you for writing such amazing books that makes my heart thump a thousand beats per second. ..
It was a fun Saturday.
On Sunday we celebrated my mother in law's birthday. We headed over with flowers and a lovely card and for lunch had kabobs.. Cabobs... kahbobs? eh whatever. They were amazing! YUM!

Steven, my little brother in law snatched my phone and took this pic of us goofing around.
Cosby was of course in heaven, running around with his pal Lucy and being babied by Steven..
we had this amazing lemon glazed cheesecake was made by my father in law and little sis in law. =) David and I made the glaze and decorated it with fresh mint leaves. It was no joke the best cheesecake I've ever had and liked! =0 soooo gooooooddddd!

The other night I made stuffed bell peppers and they came out so good! The preparation was fairly simple and fast. I got the recipe from pinterest of course. ;)
Colors!!!! Love it! 

Tada! New fave recipe! I think David's happy with the decision he made in marrying me.. :)
You can find this recipe right HERE.

This upcoming weekend I have a couple photoshoots, one boudoir and one maternity that I'm super excited for! I love doing maternity shots! There's nothing better than capturing a growing baby in a wonderful woman's body. I love it.

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