Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 17!!!

Hold up... 17 weeks already?! How the heck is this going so fast?!!!! Holy Cow! Talk about your life passing you by! Baby Boy is growing so much every single day! I love him so so so much and I love feeling his long legs wiggling and thumping on my belly! He is going to be my little spoiled mama's boy! I can't wait to Hold him and love on him!
Onto the changes!

Warning: Changes to my body are happening and I'm not afraid to share. TMI is in full force! 

Symptoms: I feel like a hibernating mama bear. Literally. All I want to do / do is sleep until 11am, get up, eat, lay on the couch and then get up for the day! I swear before being pregnant I could NOT stand the thought of being home all day doing nothing. Now it's like a vacation. I just need it. =) Boobs and back are itchy as heck. Leaky boobs, yep I sure said it. It's been going on for a while but I guess the better for baby since I plan to Breastfeed. Dizzy spells, all the time, I need to learn to get up slowly and try not to get up and go like I used to.

Stretch Marks? Ugh, I've been dreading answering this. But yes. I have them under my breasts. Um hello, going from a a small B to a full C can do that to you. A couple on the sides of my hips but hooray that's it!

Maternity Clothes? Yes yes yes! I Love maternity jeans! So dang comfortable! I do still wear my regular jeans and shorts but I do the rubberband trick.

Movement? All day errr day!  =) We can now feel him move and kick on the palm of our hands when placed on my belly. It's the best feeling ever!

Mood: Being a grouch is fading away Thank God. I'm happy and want to cuddle all the time. Last night I cried while listening to a song I love "Falling Slowly" on America's Got Talent. So I guess still very sensitive.

Cravings: Pasta pasta pasta! Salads, Fruits, Popcorn, Sushi, Bagels and cream cheese. Meat / chicken is disgusting. Still cannot handle eating it.

Sushi Date last Friday night! Don't worry the roll I always get is baked. So no raw stuff for me! 

I had to pick out the chicken from the fettucine  I made. =/

Gender: It's a boy! Noah!

Other Facts: My Hair is growing and I love it. I recently got it trimmed. It feels good to have a full head of nice hair for once! Nails are also stronger. Linea Negra is now visible on the lower part of my belly. My belly button is oddly big. 

Innie/ Outie? Innie but it's starting to level off with my belly. 

As For David's Pregnancy:

Yesterday we were at Kohls looking for a button up shirt for him, I was walking around holding my belly and when I looked over at him he too was looking at the clothes and holding his belly and sighing every min. I had to just stare at him for a bit and when he saw me looking I said " really babe?" hahaha he started giggling and said he didn't notice I had been holding my belly. Surrreeeee.... hahaha He's so cute. 

His cravings are also showing a lot more. The other day he ate waffles and eggs for breakfast. 10 min after he had finished he ate a bowl of cheerios, followed by cookies and milk. An hour after that he opened a bag of M & M's and then ate lunch. Hahaha yep. My Husband is one pregnant fella. ;) 

We went to the Goodwill over the Weekend and found the changing table of my dreams that I couldn't seem to find with Babies R Us or Target! And guess what?! It was only $14.99!!! I was so excited! We bought it and we got paint and sandpaper to paint it eggshell white. Here's the Before and After.

Cute right?! I also Found that little deer at another thrift and I painted it gray. 
I Love it. The color scheme I chose for Noah's furniture and decorations are : White, Light Grey and Light Blue. I also found framed paintings which I plan on painting today. I'll make on white and the other light blue.
I love shopping at thrift stores and finding good things for a very very low price. At the Goodwill, they constantly have brand new items with the tags still on them because a lot of them are donated from Target. I've been finding some adorable baby clothes that I couldn't resist not buying. Here's what I found.
Brand New Clothes! This could have easily been over $40.00!!!
I love that David agrees with doing some shopping at thrift stores. My dad always hated the thought when I was younger. I loved thrift stores and he'd say, " we can afford new things, and I want my kids to look good with new clothes" but I know what new things tend to cost and for a lot of things it's just unecessary. Sure we do actually go to department stores here and there but I tend to feel too guilty with spending $30 for a shirt when I can get 4 outfits at the thrift for that much! Too each his own I guess. ;) 

Anyways Hope you're all having a great week so far! Tomorrow is Friday and I cannot wait! We're going to the Hot Air Balloon Festival! Whoo!!!! 
I'd love to hear back from you all , feel free to comment below. ;) 

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