Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Fun

Hey everyone!
This weekend was pretty fun for me! On Saturday I got a lot of cleaning done, I'm not just talking putting things away but deep cleaning, scrubbing the yuck marks from the carpet and bathtub! But man does it feel good to be in a clean home! After cleaning I met up with my mom and we decided to go to the Carpinteria Beach ( a small beautiful town before getting to Santa Barbara). That was a lot of fun! She took me in her Jeep with the top down and we got all the fresh air running through our hair! ha
The Beach was packed and so full of energy when we got there! I loved it! It was the perfect day to go!
That's my mom. Don't know what she was doing ha
It was great! After that we went to Ventura for dinner and ate at a delish Mexican restaurant . I loved their chips ohhh they were to die for!
On Sunday David came home from work, and we got ready and headed to church which was awesome as always. The music was extremely captivating and so joyous I loved it! It all sounds so much better in the new auditorium. After church we went to the in-law's and dropped Cosby off with Lucy and then headed for some lunch.
Lucy and Cosby in the back. 
They treated us to a cute little cafe called Jessica's Cafe. They had some really tasty sandwiches! I got the Turkey Avocado with Curly Fries and David got the Tri-tip. So gooood! Noah Loved it!
And No, I do not crave pickles at all, I actually gave this one to the mom-in law
We headed back to their house to relax a bit and they actually gave us an air conditioner which was soooo very needed since it's be so hot and humid these past few weeks in Fillmore!We are loving it! Our apartment is now somewhere we like to relax and enjoy a good movie which we did. We watched Horton Hears A Who that night and fell asleep at 5! hahaha we are old. Hey! I'm growing a child so I need as much rest as possible, don't know what David's excuse is hahaha.

On Monday we got up early and went for a walk. We had a lot of errands to run so I got dressed and ready and we were off. Here's what I wore
Found the skirt at a thrift store a while ago By: Derek Heart

Anyways, I'm excited for these next few days/weeks! On Friday I want to take David to see Batman Darkknight Rises. He's been excited about this movie for a year! ha. And then in a week and a half the local Citrus Festival is here and I've been Dying to go since they have a ton of Hot air balloons everywhere that they light up at night and it looks so magical! I can't wait to snap away with my camera!
Hot air Balloons is totally David and my thing. He surprised me on my 20th birthday and took me up on one.  We both have tattoos with hot air balloons and we want to make it a tradition to go on one every year!

In August we plan on going to Santa Barbara and enjoying the Fiesta festivities which we do every year! I used to be a Flamenco Dancer and I used to perform every year during fiestas, did it for over 4 years!
This is my favorite thing to do during summer. Everything about Fiestas is so fun! Large crowds, confetti, awesome performances, carnivals everywhere! It's an awesome week long event! Of course I'll be taking photos as well.

So those are a few things I plan on doing with David and Noah ;) Can't wait to tell you how it all goes! Happy Tuesday!


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