Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sick! =( 23 weeks!

Guess who's in the beginning of the 6th month?! Me!!!!!!! =D Which means holy moly only 3 1/2 more to go! =0
Sorry for the lack of blogging this week, I got some kind of cold and it's no fun! Sore scratchy throat, coughing , congestion and headache... {insert Emoji thumbs down}
Anywho, this week something awesome began to happen, I can officially see Noah jumping in my belly! It's so fun, I'll be watching tv or just sitting and relaxing and I see my belly move a certain way! It's so entertaining! Little man is throwing punches now! =)
I finally captured it on video but vimeo is acting up and nothing appears when I click on the link...

Here's where Noah's at now, Just over a pound and a foot long! He's able to hear most things like Cosby barking and cars on the road. =) Which means by the time he gets here, he'll be used to Cosby's barks and talking sounds ha 

This weekend my dad's wife and her daughter came over and stayed until Sunday. On Saturday we went to the alley's to get some shopping in. It was hot! But so much fun!
The three of us eating Tacos!
I ended up getting a ton of fake eyelashes just for fun, hey they were a buck each why not! I don't usually wear them much, mostly on special occasions but I couldn't skip out on this deal!
When we finally came home from that long day of a ton of walking, I wanted to make dinner for my amazing guests and made Stuffed Bellpeppers and salad! Yum!
It's very easy to make! Click HERE for the recipe. 
The next day, Sunday, David came home from work and we all headed to LAX airport to pick up my dad! Here's what I wore:
That's my Little sister and I. 
Waiting and waiting for my dad to come out ! Noah's big!
Showing off my color contacts =) Oh david, silly faces in pictures never fail with you. 
By the time my Dad finally arrived, we were all starving! So we headed to Olive Garden and def got our grub on ! 
We got 3 different plates and all shared and that was more than enough along with the breadsticks, soup and salad! 
To top it off my sis ordered desert for her bday! 
When we got back to my house, my dad unloaded the goods and showed us what he brought us from Guatemala! I got this cute preggy shirt and a little shirt for Noah! He also got me a cute Jade necklace and David got a hand sewn water bottle holder! And some yummy treats! 
Showing off my Necklace
I kept feeling Noah move a lot and the second I said that both David and my dad put their hands on my belly but of course the second they do that Noah stays completely still! ha brat.
It was a fun weekend with my family! 
On Monday I made David a big breakfast, eggs, bacon, english muffins and pancake balls! To make pancake balls you just put the mix into a cupcake tray and bake for about 15 min and wala! 
He was happy and full that morning, which is hard to do since he eats so much! 
Than our neighbors came over and invited us to go play tennis for a couple hours so we said yes!
Of course we took Cosby and he was chasing the ball back and forth! So cute!
Our neighbors are super sweet and fun! They have a nine month old beautiful little girl! She's so happy all the time and lovessss Cosby! 

Last night we went to my aunts house for dinner and after we got donuts from Rolling Pin. Talk about delish! 
On the way home, we had a BIG scare. We went down the canyon like we always do to get home. It's very curvy and very dark at night, not to mention there's no phone signal but both David and I are very familiar with the road that it's no big deal to us. Well last night, right after doing down the canyon, on a curve, we almost ran into a truck that was in the middle of the lane, light completely out and all! We swirved and just missed it and pulled over. David ran out to help and I got on the phone to call the cops. The truck was smashed all in the front and when David opened the door to it, no one was in it, airbag deflated and worst of all, beer cans and pot all over..... It was awful. There was another guy that had pulled over right when we did and he was looking to see if he saw anyone in the bushes maybe passed out... Meanwhile I was freaked out that another car would be coming down super fast and not see this truck and hit it, so I ran out of the way and was still talking to 911. They sent someone over but while we waited we were out in the dark trying to warn cars to slow down and a couple of them almost hit the truck... It was a scary situation. Once the cops got there we headed home shooken up. That night, I freaked out thinking "what if I were driving along and didn't notice the truck or what if a car did hit the truck and we got hit since we were standing right there?" That was the first time I actually felt like a mom. My first thought was "I can't stand right there, I need to move away and protect my baby." it was a new and scary feeling but I am so thankful to my faithful God that he kept us under his wing the whole night. That def brought David and I very close and made us very thankful. Sometimes we need scares like that to remind us that we are here for a reason and to show us how good we have it. 

well that 's pretty much what's gone on this week. Sorry for the long post! 

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