Monday, September 10, 2012

Photo-A - Day August

Whoa, taking it back now! I hadn't gotten around to sharing my Photo- A - Day challenge photos with you all from August! So let's get this done! Follow me on Instagram @Snooz3 to keep up with my Photo-A-Day challenge daily!


1. Outside. Walkin my pup Cosby!
2. One. One Pizookie is all I need! Love this desert! 
3. Coin. More like a few coins in the jar. 4. Somewhere you sat, on the bed. 5. Logo, only the one I stare at most since pregnant,Palmer's cocoa Butter. 6. Writing. Love notes I write and leave for the boy. 
7. 8 o' clock, David reading a Dr. Seuss book to Noah. Love this! 
8. Glasses, my reading glasses, P.S. that book is amazing!
9. Messy, Cosby's lion mane that's what!
10. Ring, here's my wedding and "new" engagement rings. Click  here.
11. Purple. Lipstick I haven't used yet. But it is pretty!
12. Spoon.  To spoon someone is to cuddle up to them from behind (fully clothed) and hold them lovingly.  ~Urban Dictionary
13. Simple, Our love is simple but so filling!
14. Arrow, Found this poster on Pinterest. <>
15. Ready, Me ready to go out and enjoy our 1st anniversary as newlyweds!
16. Food, from our 1st wedding anniversary date we ate at WoodRanch! yum! 
17. Faces. Only the best there is! Nah just kiddin! 
18. Inside. I love staying in if these two are around!
19. Hole, trying to be creative while photographing a wedding and taking the picture from inside a hole.
20. Today, that day David got to see his grandma that was visiting from Missouri! =D
21. Cool, had a starbucks drink to keep me cool.
22. Home. Slowly but surely transforming our home for Noah's arrival! 
23. Pair, My many pairs of shoes! And there are more to the right and under as well! ;) 
24. Path, I love this flower path for the bride to walk on!
25. Fresh. Got some fresh air and water at the beach! 

26. Dream. Love watching this baby dream away!
27. Tap. Tapping away on the keyboard, my fave past time!
28. Clock. clock/watch whatev, I want to get this for David for Christmas! (thinking ahead!)
29. Down, what I see when I look down! where are my feet going?!
30. Card. Wow a really old card David got me years ago! So cute! and Random!
31. Hidden, all these sweets! aha! found you! 
Yay! At last I shared my Photo-A-Day challenge for August! It's now September and yes I've been keeping up! Join in on the fun! Just follow FatMumSlim right there! =) 

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